The Bermuda Triangle




Perhaps the most mysterious place on Earth is — Atlantic area of over one million square kilometers, located between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the southern cape of Florida. It was there, according to some researchers, is broken for the time warped space and aircraft and ships caught in the area of the "triangle", disappear. More of Christopher Columbus wrote about the strange behavior compass pointers, a pillar of flame rising from the water, strange lights moving along the waves … Scientists are taking more and more attempts to solve the mystery of the anomalous zone.

The tragic list of victims of the Bermuda Triangle opens a French ship "Rosalie" missing in August 1840. He was found not far from the Bahamas to drift with raised sails. On board were the only living creature — a canary in a cage. The deck and the cabin looked like a few hours ago, there were members of the crew. What tragic circumstances forced them to leave the ship and how his fate, no one knows.

November 7, 1872 brigantine "Mary Celeste" with a cargo of spirits came out of New York City and headed for Gibraltar. A month later, she was discovered by the crew "Den grata." Brigantine was a strange zig-zags its wind filled the sails. Several sailors from the "Den grata" and lowered a boat moored alongside the "Mary Celeste". It was found that the vessel is empty, but has no damage. On a table in the mess were a half-full cup of coffee in the littered bread, eggs, table cloth was stained with melted butter. The cargo in the holds was untouched. However, the board did not find navigation devices. Water and food on board was enough. Some reports mention that at the same table was a sword with blood on the blade. The same tracks found on other items. The last entry in the logbook, dated November 24, reported that the "Mary Celeste" is located 150 miles west of the Azores. Eleven days ship found 700 miles from the place mentioned in the magazine.

However, best known for the devilish triangle story brought the disappearance of American bombers, torpedo level, consisting of five aircraft of the type "Avenger." 19-th link, which accounted for these planes, rose into the air in 14 hours 10 minutes 5 December 1945 from the airbase naval forces in Fort Lauderdale on Florida. The bombers were to fly 160 miles to the east, then 40 miles to the north, and return to base. During the flight training planned bombing.

At 15 hours 45 minutes on the command-and-control center received a report of commander of Lieutenant Taylor

— State of emergency! We do not see the ground!

— Give your location — demanded the command post.

— We do not know where we are, — came the reply.

— Hold your course to the west!

And then Lieutenant Taylor said the strange words:

— We do not know where the west. The ocean does not look right, as usual …

At 16.00 panic-stricken Taylor handed over the command link to another officer.

— We are about two hundred miles north-east of the base. Most of all, we … — The voice of the officer became fainter and finally disappeared altogether. Rushed to the rescue of the bombers rescue aircraft, equipped with everything you might need in an emergency, and able to sit on the surface of the sea, even at very high waves. 19-th link in trying to report it, but the link was absent. Rescue plane sent to the manager-cky point several reports and confirmed that approaches the desired square and then there was silence in the air …

According to the general dismay of all the databases of the Florida peninsula rose aircraft from ports out exploratory trial. At 19 hours 04 min Manager command post has weak call sign of the 19th level. This occurred two hours after in aircraft fuel should end. Within a few weeks the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Furrow searcher 21, 300 aircraft monitored the ocean surface from the air. All have failed. Link bombers and torpedo rescue plane disappeared without a trace.

List of 50 ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, closes the cargo vessel "Anita", published in March 1973 from the port of Norfolk, and so it did not get to their destination — Hamburg. In 1999, there were new mysterious incident, which fortunately did not end tragically, but scientists have set new unanswerable questions. A party of one of these incidents was the Shannon Bracey from New Zealand, decided alone to cross the Pacific Ocean on a yacht, sail around South America and get to the Bahamas. The plans included the brave women and the intersection of the Devil's Triangle. Here's what she told reporters:

— On prolonged solitary voyage I had dreamed all his life. And then, when I was forty-two years, the opportunity to go. It all happened when I was coming to Bermuda. At noon, when I was in the wheelhouse, the sea surface was covered in mist. I seemed to have got into the fog. Soon began a real storm and haze thickened so that visibility became zero. And suddenly appeared around me … ghosts! It was the people in the form of a sailor, some women with sorrowful faces and crying children. I knew that all of them are long dead, and this felt the chilling horror. Some force was taking me to the scary, unknown world. And suddenly I saw her deceased husband, who held out his hands to me, as if to hug. At this point I lost consciousness.

When Shannon woke up, the sky above her head was covered with stars. The clock in the control room showed 12. The woman was unconscious for twelve hours! Cases such as the one that occurred with Shannon Bracey, has been known for quite a few. But none of them reveals the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. Moreover, the observations of people who find themselves in this anomalous zone, further confusing the already strange story of this amazing corner of the planet Earth. The pilot of "Boeing-707" April 11, 1963 was flying from Puerto Rico to New York. 20 minutes after take-off, he suddenly saw the surface of the ocean began vzbuhat and finally climbed the huge dome reaches several hundred meters in diameter! Within thirty seconds he and the commander of the liner and the flight engineer watched in amazement at the unprecedented natural phenomenon. It turns out, witnessed such disasters were astronauts. "There can be no doubt as to the different levels of water in the ocean," — said after the flight to the space station "Salyut-6" Vladimir Kovalenok. Cosmonaut repeatedly seen on the surface of the sea water rising giant dome, around which the club cumulus clouds. Cosmonauts Valery Ryumin and Vladimir Lyakhov seen many kilometers shaft in the Indian Ocean. What causes the water to swell, until now no one knows. But, perhaps, the strange events in the Bermuda Triangle are somehow connected to the secret life of sea elements? On this and many other questions scientists have yet to find an answer.

Zodiac 10,2004

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