The British Isles have experienced tornadoes and flooding

January 30, 2013. Over the past two weeks the British North Somerset do not see any other weather, but endless showers of hail and storms. Now everything else in Bristol Bay eyewitnesses were able to observe real tornado. Water funnel for five minutes, the water rises in the air very close to the shore and gradually expanding, into a cloud over the vast gulf.

Mini-tornado could appear in uncharacteristic for such phenomena latitudes due to squally winds heavy rains that are held within the Bay. Meteorologists have virtually no wonder the emergence of the next water tornado in Britain, since the changes of climatic conditions on the islands every year fixed 30-40 tornado different strength and duration.

Meanwhile, over the Bristol weather does not change: in addition to the dropped more rain expected 15-30 mm of rain and strong winds that can cause Surges wave. Most likely, coast will be declared a storm warning. And in Ireland after heavy rains flood occurred. On the west coast country situation complicates squally wind, whose speed in the gusts of up to 120 km / h

Badly damaged city of Galway, which is still valid code the highest risk. A lot of streets, cafes, restaurants and other public buildings flooded storm water, especially after the flood Corrib. Two city temporarily closed the bridge for use, as they disappeared under the water. In the Gulf of Brandon there are high waves up to 9 meters. Stopped the movement on several roads near the coast of the Irish Sea, which declared a storm warning.


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