The budget surplus in January-June reached 1.126 trillion rubles

The surplus of the total budget of Russia for the first half amounted to 1.126 trillion rubles., According to the Federal Treasury. Budget revenues in January — June amounted to 6.2 trillion rubles., Expenditure — 5.074 trillion rubles.

According to preliminary estimates, the Ministry of Finance, the federal budget surplus in January — July amounted to 282.59 billion rubles. (0.9% of GDP).

The federal budget deficit in 2012 will amount to 68.144 billion rubles. laid against the law on the federal budget 876,589,000,000 rubles., said the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, the budget deficit for the year will be 0.1% instead of 1.5%, as provided by the budget law. The GDP for the year will amount to 60.59 trillion rubles. approved against the law 58683000000000 rub.

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