The capital of Azerbaijan is slowly lowered into the sea


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24.08.11.Stolitsa Azerbaijan sinks slowly into the sea. The process of reducing the territory accelerated by constantly rising sea level — say the experts.

"Baku goes under the water," — said in an interview with "Echo", the famous ecologist Telman Zeynalov passes

"Until about four years ago, I spoke and gave a forecast that Baku is flooded by the Caspian Sea, and is the movement of water in the city will continue until about 2020. At the time, President Heydar Aliyev issued a decree just about 130-meter area on the coast where you can not build. Unfortunately, the area sold. It is built up, and in time all these buildings will be under water "- quoted by the Azerbaijani media ecologist.

"As it is estimated that by 2020, the Maiden Tower — the symbol of Baku — will wash waves ecologist added. — We need to use the experience, such as the Netherlands, the country which is also on the water, and there is every year a buildup of protective barriers that the territory did not go under water. We need to do this all around the city, and not just on the waterfront. "

Meanwhile, in its time honored builder of Azerbaijan Emil Akhundov said that the territory of Baku declining steadily due sezzhaniya city in the sea. "If you look down on the city, we will see how the sea adjacent small patch of the plains, and the rest of the city goes to the hill. So this little plain area is the center of Baku. And the penny today is under terrible aggression. For example, did you know that our TV tower for various reasons creeping down every year for 7 millimeters. You know that every year he Baku creeps toward Turkan to 8 millimeters. So this little patch of overloaded, then mixed it all: chops, horses, flies, "- said the expert.

Today Akhundov of the same opinion. "The earth's crust constantly changing and shifting plates. But man by his behavior and way of life leads to the fact that such processes occur very rapidly and actively, "- said in an interview with" Echo "August 22 honored builder of Azerbaijan.

In order to change the situation, it is necessary to involve experts, believes Akhundov. "We have very strong professionals at the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Need to attract them constantly. Let them work out arrangements with the architects of our city. "

General environmental situation in Azerbaijan is simply catastrophic. "Smog is visible on the facades and roofs, in general, everywhere — lamenting the expert. — Falling trees, and it blamed on senility. And in fact, trees are falling, because they have no chance to grow. Their roots rot or dry. In the ground beneath them, even a worm choking and wood, respectively, with him. We have come to an ecological disaster. Not have to be, for example, an earthquake. Earthquake instant phenomenon, and there are lingering disaster, which then "babahnut" so that we do not seem enough. "

Recall that last week in Baku landslide occurred. Bail on a slope, in the Sabail district of Baku, in the vicinity of the complex "Eternal Flame" at the Alley of Martyrs, on the night of August 18, there was a landslide. In this regard, the movement of cars in the surrounding area has been limited. At the scene were involved in Emergency Situations Ministry, who carried out reinforcement work. Landslide stopped his dvidzhenie only on August 20.

"Because of the landslide in the cracks to be filled up, and then be held reinforcement work. Topsoil will be isolated in order to prevent water from penetrating deep into the soil and is not destroyed. In this area will also be increasing the number of drainage channels, "- said journalists last week Abid Sharifov, Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan.

Source:  IA REGNUM

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