The collapse on Bald Mountain in Sochi. Video


23.11.12.Vchera outdoors near Bald Mountain House 36 B, which is building the tunnel 4A Kurortny Avenue, subsidence occurred. To prevent gas leakage, it was decided to discontinue the supply of gas to the damaged pipeline. As a result, no natural gas remained five private homes.

At the scene in the evening there were 23 people and six pieces of equipment, including four rescuers. Employees of Southern gornostroitelnogo control quickly began work on backfilling soil.

According to the Directorate for the construction of roads, "Black Sea" The incident occurred because of the surface sediment of the earth. Work on tunneling have been suspended until the reasons, according to the plan of liquidation of the consequences of the incident. Have initiated the consolidation and restoration of the deformed area.

Today, on the orders of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport established a commission to survey the tunnel № 4 A Kurortny Prospect. The Commission started its work and identified priority actions for liquidation of soil settlement. Conducted clarify circumstances which led to the emergence of this situation. Until the end of the day working on the consolidation and restoration of the deformed area is completed.

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