The death of millions of oysters per night in Australia

January 29, 2013. Oysters Kefalnogo creek that is a tributary of the Hawkesbury River, were amazed Pacific fatal syndrome that led to the deaths of about 20 percent of the oysters in the local industry.

According to press reports, the influx of young rasplodnikom is for the local industry catch oysters. Clams, which were perfectly healthy — millions of individuals — virtually destroyed over night.

Many of the 15 businesses involved in divorce oysters in this region are now skeptical about the prospect of this year, assuming that they will not be made until the next season.

Oyster farmer Rob Mokskhem told reporters: "During the day, disease erased, probably 90 percent of the oysters in the area 50 hectareIt's just … the devastation. "

Flash did not pose a threat to humans, but affected 20 percent of the population of the local industry in the area 245 hectares.

To prevent the spread of the disease is set quarantine, and Ian Lyall from the department of basic industries will meet with farmers to discuss government assistance.

It is believed that immunity to the virus in shellfish could reduce the recent sun. Virus can be spread by ocean currents or on the hulls and ballast trade ships, reports Foodmag.

Source: EdaNews

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