The detainees winter was a disaster for the birds flew

April 8, 2013. Birds returning from wintering in warmer climates back to Belarus, faced with an insurmountable obstacle for them — abnormally cold weather. Each species of migratory birds have their usual calendar back, adjustable length of daylight hours. For obvious reasons, the animals can not know what kind of weather awaits them at home. And for many, hastened to his native land, the prolonged winter means an uphill battle for survival or death by starvation before warming.

Belarusian ornithologists already being ready to sound the alarm, as in all areas of the country a massive return of storks, swallows, blackbirds and starlings. For example, storks prefer to return in March to take the best place for nesting. However, in the current March did not see many birds are not only the future of housing, but, even worse, could not hold out until the zero temperature and died not so much because of the cold weather, but because of the snowfall. After all, under a thick layer of snow is almost impossible to find food.

To adapt to the cold spring birds just do not have time, because about 40 years running by April Spring in Belarus still came, and the life cycle of birds is more or less fit into the usual framework. Now the survivors of the March weather surprises birds are in critical condition, and return to the wintering grounds they do not have any energy or calendar time. In the vicinity of Brest has registered a record number of dead storks.

For local ecosystems of the situation can be a real disaster. It is always the first flow of returning birds are composed of the most powerful individuals. But these individuals have died of starvation. This means that the country will breed more weak individuals, who arrived later, in the second stream, just to warm. The poultry gene pool and an offspring of the 2013 is also reflected negatively. Natural balance can be restored in a few years if the story superdlinnoy winter will not happen again.


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