The development of cattle breeding in the Tver region

Ltd. "Verhnevolzhskiy cattle complex"organized in 2005 as a result of a large investment project. The farm operates on the basis of two divisions — "The Hill", located in Penovskogo, Selizharovsky and Andreapol areas and "Sandovo" which is Sandovsky area. The company currently employs 180 people. Production management is implemented throughout the country.

Since 2009, the company has the status of breeding reproducer cattle Aberdeen-Angus breed. Now the farm for more than 4 thousand. The plans of management — 2020 to increase this number to 13,000.

Ltd. "Verhnevolzhskiy cattle complex" holds socially oriented policy. The company has erected a kindergarten, revolutionized the local school, built for the employees furnished cottages, arranged free meals and transport services.

For several years the economy leads patronage Mosharovskoy high school. The building, built in 1929, has been completely renovated. Despite the fact that the school is ungraded, it provides high-quality educational services. The establishment of computerized, has a website. In classrooms with new furniture and school equipment, there are two interactive whiteboards. Powered health office, a workshop, a dining room, a gym, a library, a stadium with a football field and volleyball courts, schoolyards site.

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