The development of Russia as an example of building

Multiple copies of a broken holivarov "urapatriotov» vs «prosralipolimerschikov." I decided to make a strong contribution to this conflict.

Constantly there are reports that in Russia nothing is done, and only sawed loot from oil and resources, "poravalit." "Urapatrioty" often enthusiastically cite examples from sites like "sdelanounas" and to respond that all this stuff and nonsense. The main keynote "prosralipolimerschikov" — production in Russia is dying — "myfseumrem" and "poravalit." But if the production of dies, the construction of new buildings, including industrial purpose (and thus equipping them) should not be.

Let's turn to the figures. The source's data was taken Federal State Statistics Service, sections of "construction" and "fixed assets". The data commissioning in million m2. What do we see?


In this article the construction of residential buildings will not discuss, although their volumes compared to non-residential impressive. From the above graph shows that since 2000, the annual volume of non-residential building construction increased by more than 3 three (!) Times. That is, construction is not only not "bent", and the volume of each year most actively growing.
Let's now look at the structure of the non-residential:

A separate trend stands out commercial construction. We live in capitalism, respectively, it would be foolish to assume that investors will pass by high-yield investments. Our goal — the production. The graph shows that the volume of commissioning of buildings for production purposes are increasing each year since 2000 and have grown by more than a factor of 2. More growth demonstrates agriculture, especially lately. The annual commissioning of educational buildings shows a relatively small increase in the construction of buildings as the health care system is approximately constant rate.
An added touch to this picture is the schedule of construction in progress.

From this graph shows that the amount of annual suspended or inactive construction is decreasing every year, which is also pleasing.
Add information about the update and disposal of fixed assets. Yes, in the fixed assets are also included and constructed buildings. Building commissioning is empty boxes, and on the installed equipment, and therefore we can say that the new building will put a new or serviceable.
Data on the deployment of the fixed assets in 1990:

The data show that the renovation of fixed assets of the Russian Federation has reached the level of 1990.
Conclusion: Russia shows a steady growth in the construction and renovation of fixed assets. Of course, there will always be people who will say that it was possible and better — so it's better to show it by example! As the above data — the position of "prosralipolimery" and "myfseumrem" is not consistent.

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