The development of social infrastructure in Yamal


The last two years were marked by a sharp increase in Yamal construction industry. Construction sites are working in all the cities and villages of the autonomous area. Now in the county at the expense of the regional budget builds over 200 social sites and hundreds designed, their construction will begin in 2013. 11 new kindergartens will open the door to the end of this year and the first quarter of 2013. , Read the small part of the social facilities of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Gubkinskiy

The city is built  Palace of Culture "Oilman", in a building completed finishing work and equipment installation begins. Delivery of the Palace of Culture is planned for the end of 2012.
   Total area — more than 13 thousand square meters. It will house gyms and fitness rooms, rest rooms, showers and a number of other functional areas. A "two-chambered heart," the palace will become a sports and concert halls. In the stands, the first will be able to accommodate 300 people, and in the hall for cultural events is more than 700 seats.
  DK "Oilman" — the most ambitious construction project in the history of the city Gubkinskii. According to the contractor, for the audience of "oil" purchased the most modern equipment.







  New kindergarten "Firefly" in the neighborhood of 5 to 240 seats is planned to open in December.



   Two more, with 140 and 330 seats, ready for delivery next year. Then additional places in kindergartens will Gubkinskoye 710. According to authorities, the problem is not completely solved, but still tension subsides.

  Very soon Gubkinskaya swimmers training will take place in a modern Basin. Construction of fifty-meter Olympic pool with 8 lanes is underway. In the future, it will be a huge building with a total area of over 16,000 square meters. Delivery of the sports complex is planned for 2014, but the administration is almost certain that the construction will be finished in the autumn of next year. All athletes are looking forward to this discovery. Beyond the pool is a large house a gym and much more.


  Beautiful, modern, large — such characteristics come to mind when looking at the plan for future School of Arts. Its rapidly erected in the second district of the city. Children's art school area 8000 m2 delivered in 2013.







   Local authorities emphasize that Gubkinsky all the construction is aimed at ensuring that the city has reached the European level. 


  Cultural and Wellness Center "Siberia" — an important social facility for Muravlenko. The modern center "Siberia" will consist of two units: the sports, cultural and leisure. The first will house swimming pools, a sports hall for 240 people and a bowling alley. The second — a concert hall, conference rooms, as well as dance and vocal studio. Putting into operation scheduled for February 2014 year.



 Construction Kindergarten 300 seats under the "Cooperation" between the Yamal, Ugra and the Tyumen region. On three floors of preschool will accommodate all the necessary administrative offices, kitchen, large groups, sports and music halls. Total area — almost 10 and a half thousand square meters. The main attraction — ten-meter swimming pool.



 Built and new athletics arena.




 Ice Palace construction began in the summer. Now almost ready to frame three-story building and roofing work begins. This is the same building, which has long waiting fans of figure skating and hockey. According to the plans by the end of next year there will be a three-storey palace with a skating rink, fitness centers and stands at 540 seats and a specially equipped places for people with disabilities. Building area will be 6,000 square meters.






  Another sports facility — gymnastic complex. His company builds "Severgazstroi." Now the facility employs more than a hundred people. The three-story building area of six and a half thousand square meters, they have to build a twenty-seven months. This is according to the contract. However, even now say that time is likely to be different. They
promise to cut — at his own request.
If builders fulfill commitments, then on to the next new year Nadim received two large gifts. In addition to the ice rink, and even a new physical culture complex. There will be five gyms, two swimming pools. Capacity will be almost two thousand people a day.






 Rooms for billiards and bowling, two cafes, a cinema format 3D, the dance floor is one hundred and twenty — this is not a complete list of what will be in the Youth Center City Tarko-where construction work completed. As the newly appointed director of the center Alexei Dzevyatouski already purchased the "filling" for cinema, four large pool tables, bowling equipment — all soon to be installed by specialists of "Magnum", which completes the construction of the facility. 
   "It creates a new municipal establishment attached to the management of Youth and Tourism Administration Pur district — says the head of the Eugene Stryzhak — which will promote and strengthen youth policy whose main task will be to provide quality services in the field of entertainment, food and other fields. The second floor will house clubs, Methodists and professionals who will oversee certain activities of the association "Young Family" and leasers to work with community youth organizations. The third floor is youth club "Island" with all its circles and sections. "





 Multi-sports complex "Zenith" includes 2 football fields with bleachers for 300 people, an indoor hockey court, a gym and a variety of support facilities.





p.Purpe, Pur district 

It recently commissioned a sports complex "Zenith".





p.Purovsk, Pur district 

Autumn has opened a new kindergarten "Nest" for 100 children



 Novy Urengoi

The total area of the future Registry Office — nearly 5,000 square meters. The ground floor is the city archives, office space on the second, and the third will build two ceremonial hall for 30 people each. The facade of the building is made of granite and stained glass. Release Date scheduled for the spring.
Andrey Voronov, Head of Capital Construction "plans also do landscaping, that is to be a square with a certain artistic figures, where young people can take pictures, sit on the benches."



Construction Social and Rehabilitation Center juvenile "Sadko". The main task of the rehabilitation center under construction — the restoration of family links children and their social rehabilitation, the return of "difficult" teenagers in the family. 






 The city is building a new housing children's clinic. It will work almost sixty spetsialsitov various fields. Old and new housing clinics are connected warm transition. Is now almost complete interior decoration, eighty percent of the installed systems engineering.




In December, plans to open Kindergarten for 210 children.


  Complex River Station Salekhard


 A new indoor rink.





§ Krasnoselkup 

Here is under construction Kindergarten with 240 seats. 







 New House of Culture Krasnoselkup residents waited a long time, its construction is scheduled for completion in 2013. There is a swimming pool and on four tracks of 25 m, a concert hall, etc.





 In s. Ratta Krasnoselkup district builds a new boarding school Commissioning of the project is scheduled for 2013. The educational institution will consist of three parts: sleeping, educational and industrial buildings. This is vitally important for a small village to build Tyumen company LLC "Mezhregionstroy." 



Two new School built in Shuryshkar area, s.Gorki






and s. Shuryshkary 


   n Taz

 Education Building Taz Boarding School ready almost one hundred percent. The building is designed for 420 students. It is planned that the new walls of the high school students will acquire knowledge, and in the old building will remain elementary school students. Recall first pile buildings scored in February 2011. Builders are fully met the deadlines. Now the contractor is preparing for the visit of the selection committee. 






 The queue at the pre-school district center employs several hundred people. Great Expectations in the Department of Education to impose new kindergarten with 240 seats. The main challenge today is that the builders — until the end of the year to complete the interior design of the building.



In s.Gaz-Sale Taz District after many years resumed construction Children's Home 



 New agro-industrial object village Aksarka, will livestock complex, calculated on the contents of 100 cows. Currently, work is underway on the construction site for the construction of a covered barn, milking parlor and processing plant. Initially, the time span of completion — 2014 — head of the region has reduced by giving the order to start production early. 



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