The development of the Krasnoyarsk Railway

In 2011, the development of infrastructure Krasnoyarsk Railways invested 11 billion rubles., Which is 2 times higher than the investments of the past year


In 2011, at the Krasnoyarsk Railway upgraded 267 km of track, which is aimed at the majority of annual investments — 5,000,000,000 rubles. Significant funds (1.4 billion rubles). Went to update a contact network, communication systems, automation and remote control. At 11 stations KrasnZhD installed 20 energy-efficient lighting systems. Intelligent lighting systems with energy-saving technologies installed on railway bridges. Built super-modern boiler room at the station Abakumovka where innovative technology applied catalysis, which allows to significantly reduce coal consumption and emissions.

To increase the bandwidth of a station Krasnoyarsk roads sent 719 million rubles.


One billion rubles invested in increasing the capacity of operating and maintenance locomotive depot highway.

During the year, heavily updated progress of the road infrastructure of the South — Mezhdurechensk — Taishet, where there is a steady increase in traffic (an average of 6% per year). For these purposes, JSC "Russian Railways" is aimed 389.1 million rubles.

Received a new impetus to the development of the northernmost branch KrasnZhD — Reshoty — Karabula, which is part of the transport infrastructure of the Lower Angara region. Krasnoyarsk Railway consistently upgrading this area since 2007. In 2011, completed the reconstruction of the North Park Reshoty, making it possible to optimize the performance of existing traffic and prepare the station to an increase in loading.

The most important project of the year — Krolsky tunnel, which started operation in December 2011 (the general contractor — JSC "Bamtonnelstroy"). Located on the stretch Dzhetka — Krol line Abakan — Taishet, the tunnel has become one of the most extensive line of underground structures (length 2233 meters). Construction was carried out in 2004. During this time, to provide the necessary materials facility in Krasnoyarsk plant was built for the production team of tunnel lining of frost-resistant and water-resistant concrete, erected a machine shop. When routing the tunnel with the modern innovative technologies: Krolsky — Russia's first railway tunnel, which was used in the construction of mining complex Lovat (formerly the construction of railway tunnels was carried out by means of an explosive method). Investment JSC "Russian Railways" in the project amounted to 7.5 billion rubles.

About 200 million rubles. invested in road development of the social sphere. Of which, 160 million rubles. directed to the construction of houses for railway workers. 2-built apartment houses at stations Abalakovo, Shchetinkina Balyksu, Birkchul, Yugachi, 16-apartment building at the station Abakumovka. Kindergarten for 290 places being built at the station Sayan (the project is implemented on a parity basis with the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory). Expanded fitness base line. In 2011, commissioned a rehabilitation center locomotive crews in Abakan.

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