The dinosaurs were doomed to extinction

Numerous studies have shown that a population of dinosaurs living in the territory of what is now North America — has already begun to die out before the planet fell a huge asteroid.

The meteorite that collided with our planet 65 million years ago — was just one of the factors that could affect the extinction of the dinosaurs, not counting the birds. Incidentally, the site you can buy excellent mower at the most affordable prices in Ukraine.

By this time also applies to sea level change and a strong volcanism. Troodon formosus which belonged to the family of tselunozavrov — is one of those dinosaurs who never touched extinction.

Stephen Bruzatte and his colleagues from the Museum of the very first described the structure of the dinosaurs from the point of view of individual species and groups. Researchers concluded that the higher was the score, the healthier group of dinosaurs has been submitted

However, studies that have tried to make other scientists were broken to pieces, as they were trying to analyze the number of extinct dinozavtorv on the basis of the fossil record. However, this method has not proved due to the fact that different types of geological formations preserve fossils at times better than others.

Stephen Bruzatte conducted an analysis of the differences in body size of seven different types of dinosaurs, with the help of the database in which the data were available for 150 of the extinct species. It was found that herbivorous dinosaurs are larger in size (hadrosaurs) became extinct long before the Cretaceous period ended. But the small herbivorous dinosaur species (akilozavry), representatives of predators (Tyrannosaurus) lived before the meteorite fell.

Hence the conclusion that the herbivorous dinosaurs have experienced some pressure environment, scientists believe that this is connected with the formation of the mountains and the sea-level. In a few million years, the problem of extinction would be touched and other dinosaurs, especially those who were higher up the food chain.

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