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Physics promise: this year the sky will flash "another Sun"

22.01.11.Zvezda Beletgeyze — one of the brightest in the sky — is close to becoming a supernova. That is, it is about to explode, turning into a huge fireball. According to the calculations of Brad Carter — Physics of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, cataclysmic world scale could happen this year.

And show that the sky flashed "second sun" — so bright and will be a huge ball of fire supernova. It will last in the sky for about two weeks. And even more. Will shine at night, which will become a day. Beletgeyze located in the constellation of Orion — a big red star, "hanging" a little above the line of three bright bluish stars — Orion's belt. She is now at a cost of thermonuclear fuel in its bosom, is in the red giant phase. The next stage — the explosion and turn into a supernova. No other options. All astronomers agree. The only question is when? Carter uglyadevshy signs of impending disaster, says that an explosion could occur in the near future. The most distant period, according to him, in 2012.

Those with the number 2012 is the thrill and reminiscent of the Maya, which was scheduled for this year, if not the end of the world is dangerous for the health of some cataclysm, like do not worry. First, Beletgeyze is 640 light years from Earth. It's too far away to have it "blast wave." Second, if we are to that will fly, so it is a neutrino. But these particles easily penetrate matter. And through us to penetrate without causing harm.

There are, of course, and fears. But they scare the "non-traditional" physics. If you believe their hypotheses madman, powerful neutrino fluxes are able to accelerate nuclear and thermonuclear reactions. That is, will be threatened, and nuclear power plants, and the stockpile of nuclear weapons, and our very sun. Suddenly explode too, came under light exploded Beletgeyze? Then the end of the world is inevitable. The "traditional" physics reject gloomy outlook, claiming that their "non-traditional" colleagues are wrong. I promise only an unprecedented spectacle — the most extensive and impressive during the existence of the planet.

Vladimir Lagowski

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Scientists expect stellar explosion Beletgeyze, raspollozhennoy 640 light years from Earth

Beletgeyze — a red star in the upper left corner

Beletgeyze in scheme

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