The explosion sounds of unknown origin continues to haunt the residents of the U.S.

January 11, 2013. Explosively loud sounds become a source of anxiety thousands of Americans in different parts of the country.


Salem police and Marbleheda could not determine the cause of much thunder, which caused a flurry of calls from residents. This is not the first time reported an explosive roar of a type that is heard late at night.

In other cases it is also unable to determine the cause of the noise. Were called transformer explosion, powerful fireworks malfunction of electrical transformers, UFOs, the shift of tectonic plates beneath the city and even the firing of guns in the harbor.

However, none of the explanations was not wealthy.


From a strong thunder woke up residents of the town of Lexington. One of the witnesses, Lisa Russell Field said that "the impression was such as if an explosion or a plane crash."

"Law enforcement officers and public safety has not been possible so far to identify the source of noise," — said Maj. Gen. John Allard. — "Information about the explosions have been reported."

A similar loud explosive noise and frightened residents in Lexington County last year.

Salt Lake City

Unusually loud rattle and hum caused concern of hundreds of people from the Weber County, Utah County, and even the far north of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Residents reported that they felt the tremor or heard loud hum, FOX 13 News reported. However, here again the reason for the noise remained a mystery.

Representatives of the observation station at the University of Utah said that the instruments are not recorded aftershocks. The military also reported that they conducted firing exercises and other activities.

Near the earthquake was recorded at a distance of 500 miles and it was a small force — 2.6 points, in the state of California.


According to LA Times, loud explosion rocked North Hollywood on the night of Tuesday, January 9, 2013.

"The cause of the accident remains a mystery," — said the next morning to the local authorities.

An officer of the Police Department of Los Angeles said that police searched the entire area for half an hour on Tuesday night, but the cause of a strong sonic boom, could not be determined. According to the officer, the police received many calls about loud clap. But different people called different places where they heard a loud explosion. Someone called a subway station in North Hollywood, and some place near City Studio.

In a short time, Twitter has added more than 100 comments. Among the reasons for the phenomenon, including, called explosion meteors and alien invasion.


Based on materials from the American media.
Source: News plus comment

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