The explosion UFOs are still charred stones




Ends expedition groups "Kosmopoisk", "Dal'negorsk-Kosmopoisk" and "pomegranate" in Primorsky Krai, the purpose of which was to investigate the anomalous areas, heights, 611 and Nicholas cave. Produce new topographic mapping of Mykolayiv Caves (500 km from Vladivostok) failed because the search for old, blown-up entrances to the cave had been in the dark at great depths. Not far from the northern entrance exploded term "Kosmopoisk" barely managed to break up with the Amur tiger. Visit succeeded only unexploded moves and 3-storey halls of the cave, which was previously mapped group "Dal'negorsk-Kosmopoisk."
At the top of the famous elevation 611.4, which managed to climb despite the strong wind and snow, when examining the blast 29.01.1986 spherical unidentified object found several charred stones. Directed the research of this place V.Dvuzhilny handed to review the results of studies in recent years and several found at the blast site artifacts.
Realizing how important discoveries in science are made on the only reliably known UFO crash site, "Kosmopoisk" ready to provide for comprehensive studies, some samples in various labs napralenii.


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