The farms Sochi there will be no pig. Video


22.05.12. 5000 pigs were 3 years ago in the backyard of Sochi. Now there are about 300. But this is enough to cause an epidemic of African swine. In 2009 the disease broke out in the village Plastunka and wildlife sanctuaries. I had to take almost all the livestock.

Now a special committee regularly reviews their individual farms. Violation of the rules of pigs identifies frequently. Just this year, such cases — more than 20.

All violations, there are requirements that are quite difficult to perform, and it is contaminated areas and obezvrezhiemost manure and bezvygulnoe content. Set of regulations, which is not satisfied.

Michael Colds, deputy chief of the department of veterinary supervision Sochi Rosselkhoznadzor for the Krasnodar Territory

Farmers are recommended — for a month to get rid of pigs, and rabbits and geese and turkeys. In this case, from the regional budget will be reimbursed 20 percent of the amount spent. Who buy cattle to compensate for half the cost. There are benefits and for the building of greenhouses, irrigation systems purchase.

I want to assure people that there is no deficiency in the meat of pigs will not be in the city, on the example of the fair. Industrial meat production arrives in Sochi. This is from the region and blizlizhaschih regions. About the price, I said — it is held tightly — 170 rubles per kilogram.

Alex lodge, head of agriculture, food industry and the Administration of Sochi

These pork prices are set at the fairs, and to bring in Dagomys Loo. On the eve of the market appeared in the village Lazarevskoye. Buy pork meat can be and in specialized shops, which in Sochi over fifty.

Source: Maksportal

Of the time factor

Here so that citizens face monopolization pig while only in Sochi, although last year a number of similar recommendations in other parts of the country come across as a panacea in the fight against the disease, When an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), the important role of government have a limited amount of breeding pigs in private property, that make your conclusions, after all the imposed bans on the content in the home, the cows (under the pretext yaschyura, rabies, anthrax) pork (on the pretext of swine fever), chickens and ducks (under the pretext of bird DOF) in the future more and come up with goat influenza, equine, etc. etc. then we will then, to buy meat known on what born and what crap inflated, well then, perhaps not so far will be the day when the ban will get growing vegetables and fruit, but will have to buy food in hypermarkets such as a magnet or Pyaterochka, which are now probably all over Russia came crushing under her small private enterprises. and we sat down in a deep pool, or to buy crap that offer hyper stores or go to grass, dandelions, burdock, quinoa and other grass, which nebrezgovali our ancestors, in any case, there is certainly no GMOs.

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