The fiery hail

Flaming hail

MLRS 9K51 "Grad" — Russian multiple rocket launcher 122mm. Created to engage manpower, soft-skinned and lightly armored targets of the enemy, other tasks in different criteria situation.
What after all is this infernal machine and what it has the firepower? Let's face it.

Entered service in 1963. It is a 40-receiver set on the chassis of the "Ural-375D."

122-mm multiple rocket launcher 9K51 "Grad" is designed to engage manpower, soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, command Fri and other targets in the coming tactical depth.

Producers: Our homeland. Ingredients: fighting machine (BM), rockets (PC). The method of charging BM — manual.

The main types of ammunition are: high-explosive projectile 9M21OF, high-explosive shell 9M28F or 9M22U, a set of seven missiles 9M519-1 … 7 for the creation of radio interference shell with cassette head 3M16 part for remote setting of anti- shell with cassette head part 9M28K for remote staging anti-tank mines. Chance of chemical shells and shooting 9M21, rocket smoke projectiles weighing 66 kg to a distance of 20.6 km, is also illuminating shells, illuminating the terrain circle diameter of 1 km from a height of 450-500 meters in 90 seconds. The highest dynamic properties and permeability can be used perfectly set of "Castle" with armored vehicles both on the march and at the forefront during military operations.

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