The fight against smoking in different countries


Around the same time, many countries have started to strengthen the fight against smoking, that's what looks like a pretty strange, considering that the sales tax on tobacco is one of the main items replenish state budget of any country, How is it that a parent just did not care about the health of clear
25.05.12.Yuzhnaya Korea on an active anti-smoking
17.05.12.Borba smoking in Spain to the next level
18.05.12.Masshtabnuyu fight against smoking launched the Bulgarian authorities
24.05.12.Minzdrav Russia has developed a set of radical measures to combat smoking
13.05.12.Bolshinstvo Israelis — for anti-smoking
24.04.12.Vlasti New Zealand adopted a plan to combat smoking
01.05.12.Amerikanskaya tobacco smoking to a new level
01.05.12Borba smoking in Thailand
17.05.12.Belarus tobacco!
24.05.12.Ukraine ban on smoking in public places
23.05.12.Kazahstan strengthens the fight against smoking

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