The final fiasco with Afghan C-27A

The final fiasco with Afghan C-27ADecember 27, 2012 the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal", and on December 28 the South American military newspaper "Stars and Stripes" released material that the U.S. Air Force made the final decision to pass on all of its outstanding scrapped in the new Afghan Air Force military transport aircraft made in Italy Alenia C-27A (G.222), delivered from the presence of the Italian Air Force in 2008 under a contract issued by the Yankees Italian company Alenia Aeronautica (now Alenia Aermacchi). Our blog wrote about this scandal.

By the time the true Afghanistan nominally received 16 aircraft C-27A of 20 cars ordered under the contract in 2008 (amended in 2010). But almost all assigned aircraft C-27A from December 2011 out of service due to poor technical condition, the acute shortage of spare parts and ground support equipment and shortages of skilled care, and are laid up at the Kabul airport. In May 2012, a ban was introduced on the final flight of aircraft With-27A in the Air Force in Afghanistan. As a result, Afghan Air Force absolutely devoid of transport capacity.

December 28, 2012 the U.S. Defense Department formally notified Alenia Aermacchi of breaking contracts for the supply of the remaining aircraft on the cancellation of a prisoner on March 30, two-year contract price of 107.7 million dollars for the restoration of airworthiness at least part of the Afghan With-27A and sales service, given the poor performance of the Alenia Aermacchi North America's own duties. All Afghan aircraft With-27A decided to transfer to disposal. The total expenditures of the United States throughout the programmke C-27A deliveries to Afghanistan, their operation, maintenance and supplies, training of Afghan personnel, etc. amounted to almost $ 600 million, which turned out eventually thrown to the wind. Alenia Aermacchi supplies had run another 60 million dollars (four aircraft).

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