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26.10.11.Livni and floods in different parts of the world, traditional for this time of year has become extremely news because of the scale, impact and loss of life.

Sinks Irish Dublin. In Italy, in the area of emergency province of Liguria, Tuscany and even Rome. Thai authorities announced today that the levees that protect from flooding in Bangkok, is about to burst! And the heads of state of Central America, which are assembled in a sinking El Salvador, is charged with the growing scale of the disaster industrialized countries. On the "elements of autumn 2011" Alexander Safronov.

The main thing — do not lose courage. And many are already on the brink. You bet! Third eurozone economy, Italy, in addition to all other problems again failed to protect his famous province of Tuscany and Liguria from the effects of heavy rains, landslides and hurricanes. There are dead and wounded. Destroyed roads and bridges. Meanwhile, in Rome, in the parliament are occupied by another. Dismantle fresh fight deputies from the ruling and opposition parties. The occasion was a joke when discussing plans for pension reform to the wife of one of the politicians: is not it time for her to retire in 39 years.

But in Thailand, now all power closely busy overcoming floods, the most powerful since 1942.

Yingluk Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand:

— The water level in the streets of Bangkok could rise up to 1.5 meters We are trying to control the incoming flow and use all drainage features, as soon as possible to stop the flood.

Now city officials decide to Bangkok technological question: how to place the waterproof barrier of sandbags to keep the water went out of town? Meanwhile, flood the approaches to the second largest airport in the capital, from where will move somewhere gathered there for refugees from other areas.

The tourists have had to abandon plans to see in Bangkok Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Sebastian Solis, a tourist from Chile:

— We wanted to travel to Thailand last month. But because of the floods will have to go to other places: perhaps in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

But just like that, for example, now looks like a significant part of Vietnam. Still fall — not the best time to travel to Asia.

However, in other popular tourist areas is not the best. In power showers, floods, hurricanes, and parts of Central America. For example, El Salvador states that experienced the largest catastrophe in the history and scale of natural disasters that destroy the national economy, blames the destructive relationship with nature in industrialized countries.

Fyunes Mauricio, president of El Salvador:

— We can not accept the fact that other countries, particularly those in the major economies continue to worsen climate damage the ecology of the region, leading to a growing death, destruction and other problems in countries such as ours, which is difficult to deal with it.

In general, the upcoming soon in South Africa summit on climate issues will be talking about. And vigorously to connect key players of our era — the multinational corporations. For example, in the same Thailand suffer losses due to flooding the world-famous Japanese companies and their businesses in the suburbs of Bangkok.

Alexander Safronov
Source: "TV Center".

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