The girl is still alive after a lightning strike in Saratov


3.08.11.Ot ball lightning strike 28-year-old Mary Mertinu saved Theotokos.

Girl-teachers from the orphanage "Hope" pierced balloon temperature of about 1750 degrees. Brunt icon — lightning turned it into dust.
For a whole month Maria is in the hospital. Next to her, her husband, Sergei, also hit by lightning. Doctors from the 2nd city hospital Engels refer to these patients with caution.
— It's a miracle — said nurse Love Sergeyev. — I work in a hospital for 30 years and never seen this. How can you survive it all! Mary was born in a simple shirt.
Now state Mertinyh family doctors is good. However, after meeting with the electrical discharge Maria until hearing in one ear. And besides, sometimes it occurs memory lapses. But doctors claim: after a few weeks she finally recovered. Mertinoy husband, Sergei, lightning touched only tangentially — he was weak concussion.
Family is fully restored in the memory of the events of that day, when the fireball almost deprived of life.
July 8 Mertiny Masha and her mother drove her to "Opel" from relatives living in Engels. In the Red Kuta guys got in a thunderstorm. As soon as the storm passed by, Mertiny decided to walk the dog Charlie.
— At this point, we are all blinded by a bright flash, — says Sergey Mertin. — From the sky fell electric ball flying between us. The blow was so strong that the car began to smoke. But the worst thing happened to my wife. She collapsed to the ground unconscious, hair started to smolder, the skin on the arms and chest burned. Out of my head was bleeding.
Native girls still shudder to recall how in terrible agony she rolled on the ground, and then lost consciousness.
Mertinyh Fortunately, at this point motorcade drove past the guards. The police came back home after the transfer of prisoners to the exchange point Urbach. Guards, noting that people were in trouble, he immediately stopped, violating duty regulations that prohibit any stop during their journey along the route.
P? Olitseyskie called paramedics. Not waiting for the "fast", they did Masha artificial respiration and heart massage. Their actions saved the girl.
Doctors arrived Mertinu taken in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Central Regional Hospital village Stepney.
— I just came to himself for a few seconds and then shut down again — says Mertina. — The condition was terrible, my head was a strong buzz. I felt no pain, but the whole body was on fire, like a big burn. Finally I woke up in a week and found out that I was saved.
According to Maria, the brunt of the electric ball took over the icon of Our Lady on a gold chain.
— The discharge was so strong that a gold chain, and the icon of one second to dust — continues Mertina. — I even left a scar on the neck. But most importantly, I am alive! And thank God for it. It is said that He said very nice people.
As soon as Mary felt a little better, she immediately went to the chapel at the hospital and put a candle for the health of their loved ones.

> Attention, search!
Mary is looking for his friend!
Miraculously, she survived often remembers her dachshund Charlie.
— He was also touched by lightning, but it just survived — sure Mertina. — I even asked to go the doctors and her husband went to the place where I was struck by lightning. But Charlie was not found. There's a lonely place, so pick it up, no one could. Perhaps he is looking for me, and I — in the hospital. So through a newspaper appeal to people: if someone has seen Charlie, please, please! We are all very much miss him!

Daniel Naumov

Source: Hometown Saratov

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