The Great Flood — the future of humanity?


Modern archeology regularly discovers new evidence that once existed on Earth an advanced civilization that destroyed the global natural disaster — Deluge. Reconstruct the events of the past tried the famous traveler and author of several books and monographs Andrei Zhukov.

— Andrew, what are the evidence of the Flood?

— In my opinion, irrefutable evidence of a mythology that is human memory, which has preserved the memory of a global catastrophe in ancient times. Other evidence must be of the geology and paleontology. But in these fields the situation is complex and controversial, due to the apparent opportunistic. For example, at the beginning of the XIX century predominated theory of "catastrophism", and many pundits have firmly believed in the Great Flood …

— What changed their mind?

— Since the 30s of the same century in science has overcome the concept of "uniformity", asserting that the ancient geological processes are identical to modern. From this followed the incredible length of the Earth's history (in defiance of the supporters of the biblical chronology). Who looks at the evolution of the planet are not so unambiguous, although science still does not consider the flood as a real event.

— In which preserved the history of the peoples of the Earth on a global flood?

— On many archaic ethnic groups do not have memories, even at the level of personal names. What can we say about the specific legends. But, for example, in the Chinese chronicles have survived more than two dozen variants of the myth of the flood recorded in the period from V. BC. e. on the III. n. e. Even though these stories, of course, is much older. But the important thing is that these stories documented on all continents, as well as the tribes and peoples of the ocean and the islands of the archipelago. That is, the conclusion is simple: the myth of global catastrophe is ubiquitous.

— The flood occurred everywhere the same?

— In different parts of the world it appears quite diverse, accompanied by not only the flooding, but also other catastrophic events that result and led to the destruction of almost all mankind and change the planet's surface. Going to read a fragment from the book of the XVII century "History of China" Jesuit missionary Martiniusa: "Supports the sky collapsed. Earth has been shaken to its very foundations. The sky began to fall to the north, the sun, the moon and the stars have changed the way of the movement. The whole system of the universe came into disarray, the sun was eclipsed. "

In the myth of the Papago Indians said that before the flood, the sun was closer to Earth than now, the Rays have done it all year, and the same clothes too much. People and animals were talking to each other and put together their common bond of brotherhood. Or a modern interpretation of the myth of the people muiskov in Colombia: "In ancient times, when there was no moon, people lived like savages. Came an old bearded man named Bochica and taught muiskov agriculture, crafts, religion and statehood. But his wife from harm ruined what made her husband, and magically caused the spill Funza River, flooded all the central plateau. Only a few people survived on the mountain tops. Bochica turned his wife into the moon, and poured water over the falls into the lake Guatavita Tekvendama. " And the relationship with the Moon Flood traced in other nations. So Indians Kuchin and Athabaskan living in Alaska and north-west of the USA, tell us about the great flood and the appearance of a god-like man who came to them from the moon and returned back after being acquainted with the elements of their ancestral culture.

— The disaster was a one-time event or repeated periodically?

— Indeed, some ancient peoples are references to several floods. Greek myths have kept the memory of the three flood. The most famous of them — Deucalion. An earlier flood was Ogygia, as a result of which the water covered the whole world. And the last — Dardania flood led to the emergence of proper Dardanelles and Bosporus. Plato is in his famous dialogue "Timaeus" mentions that the Egyptian priests told the Greek Solon: "So you keep the memory of only one flood, and in fact there were many before."

— From the Bible we know about Noah's ark. What other people were rescued?

— In traditional swimming facilities: box, boat, raft, or a hollow tree trunk deck. Other seekers — capped mountains or crown very tall trees. Often, these methods are combined. Another interesting point: the boats and arks use only your favorites. And they have helped to survive the disaster saved others, creating a new way of life. Duration disasters also assessed in different ways: from 5 days in the traditions of the Quechua Indians of up to 22 years in Chinese chronicles.

— Natural or man-made phenomenon caused the flood?

— The vast majority of myths reason for the flood is called the activity of the gods. Most often it is a punishment or revenge supreme beings. Alternatively, as the root cause can be shown fighting gods antagonists. Evidence of technogenic flood almost there, that, in general, it is logical. A rare exception — a variant of the Turkish myth (in fact, the late medieval version), under which Dardania flood was caused artificially by "building" the Bosphorus Strait. That is the cause and effect reversed.

— And is there any chance of a new flood?

— I believe that the probability of global catastrophe on Earth increases significantly with each passing decade. And the reason for this is just a man-made human activities. In addition, the coming cataclysm, if it happens, is unlikely to take place in the form of a single natural disaster. After the analysis of thousands of years of tradition, we can conclude that the flood was the result of other, more powerful geological processes.

— What you need to take to get us back not covered multimeter waves?

— Naturally, it is necessary to strictly limit the anthropogenic impact on the environment. Look at the Globes: how many human civilization? How germs on the body of Mother Earth. However, it can be another reason planetary disasters. Thus, European esotericism a hundred years ago, wrote that the wickedness of the people, namely the fall of the spiritual level, the development of the consumer world, the escalation of violence of all kinds, etc., will lead to the next global catastrophe that could destroy modern civilization. Here you finally formidable quote from the Book of Genesis: "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil all the time … And the Lord said, cut off from the face of the earth man whom I have created, from the man, and beast, and the creeping things, and fowls of the air, for I am grieved that I have made them. "

Interviewed by Dmitry Sokolov

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