The gun for hunting and self-defense in the Russian Far East and Manchuria at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

Weapons for hunting and self-defense in the Russian Far East and Manchuria at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

The Russian Far East, feral, feral stop … Terrible climate, inexhaustible natural resources, exorbitant distances unknown indigenous people's own militancy sometimes dwarfs American Indians … The development of Siberia and the Far East — excellent epic, our honor, pride and glory! It was a long time ago, but back in the late 19th century Russian life of the indigenous population in these areas was difficult and unsafe daily. These reasons, as well as the proximity of America and China, in totality with the characteristics of wildlife and remoteness of county land from the European part of Russia, and left a mark on arms in the region.

Those who went to the unknown, to develop these lands in the name of, died of scurvy, fever, chills and arrows natives … Poyarkov Khabarov Shelichov, Baranov, Rezanov … and many, many others — these people were real statesmen, selfless sons of the Russian Federation , unfortunately, is almost forgotten now nepriznatelnymi descendants.

The development of Siberia and the Far East — excellent task, brilliantly solved a whole galaxy of scientists and military travelers Russian Empire. One such prominent enthusiasts, the real offspring of his time, was Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich Vradiy.

Born in 1871 in St. Petersburg, is in a very young age Vradiy became famous zoologist, was engrossed in ethnography, traveled a lot, and later published and edited the magazine "Siberian idea." Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich done a lot for the Amur Regional History Museum. GS Novikov-Daur, available from August 16, 1891 GV 1904 Vradiy published its "Information, facts and conclusions of the two-year journey through Asia," a reflection of his remarkable life of the Far East of the Russian population. Of course, we are more fascinating questions concerning firearms and specificity of its introduction, presented to scientists in their work.

When he left St. Petersburg for Far East and there planning to do research in the field of zoology, ethnography, and so on., Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich wondered just to get the depth and complete answer to the following question: what kind of weapon for hunting and self-defense should be reserved for a scientist to travel to these "distant lands"? The question was far from idle — it should be remembered that in those days, a researcher who studies the ethnography and nature of the new county land, not on the joke risked his life, and if desired to live, certainly had to have the perfect tool.

Weapons for hunting and self-defense in the Russian Far East and Manchuria at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

Accustomed to medium bandwidth and the northern Russian hunts, Vradiy took a double-barreled shotgun, and for self-protection — 5-tizaryadny large-caliber handgun. Fully sensible combination, but just entering the field of Asia, Vyacheslav realized that "is not this kind of tool can have a major impact, in terms of practicality and applicability to the conditions of this area." Leaving from Vladivostok to a distant and unknown then Manchuria, the traveler had consulted with the builders of East China's steel road, looked around for a weapon shops of the town. As it turns out, a shotgun, according to HITS, "may serve here in the districts of Vladivostok and in the taiga only Manchuria, probably as much fun, but not as a serious gun. Shotgun, of course, does not prevent the stock up, but specifically as an additional tool, not the brain, as we have in the middle or northern strip of Russia … "

Weapons for hunting and self-defense in the Russian Far East and Manchuria at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

In Vladivostok, weapons stores offer HITS drivers (then in the Russian Far East and the world were in the main model vserasprostraneny arr. 1892 and 1894.), The German Mauser rifles and even a "notorious gun pistol Mauser" (of course, we are talking about the C- 96). Most traders praised the "German-caliber rifle." Perhaps it was a matter of "thrift" Mauser mod. 1888.

In the South American store Smith to sell in Vladivostok South American tool (And canned food, by the way), Russian scientist bezotstupno "advised to stock up eight or ten-round hard drive." Vradiy noted that most of the Russian Vladivostok and strip Ussurian line with at least some notion of hunting, use specific drives. For here, in the Ussuri region, where you can come across a tiger in the reddish "bad wolf", in the end, to "the good-natured old Siberian bear with white collar" — should always be ready and be at a point of not a shotgun and a rifle.
Analyzing the Russian armed residents of Vladivostok, Vradiy writes that gun at them does not occur particularly often (other than a gun). But, if there is one — it will be the hard drive of medium caliber, very highly popular in the middle of the local inhabitants. What's all the same for the inhabitants of the circles of Vladivostok and Russian settlers living in "various homestead and myzah", then they, as soon as ability, is sure to be the hard drive — how to hunt large animal or marine birds, as well as for self-defense.

It is appropriate to follow the collective experience, Vradiy Vladivostok desyatizaryadnym got a hard drive, really came in handy during a long expedition. The first use of a new thing scientist made on the sandy shallows Sungurov that there were then completely covered with innumerable pack of geese. As it turns out, rapid-korotkoboynaya rifle remarkably suited for hunting large birds. No less a tool for the traveler took skirmishes with the "wild Manchus." According Vradiy — "this is a gun safe in the sense of the critical rate of exchange of fire." On the way to Manchuria Vradiy found that individual ships engaged on river flights between Khabarovsk and Manchuria on the Songhua River, on the part of the Government of the Russian armed "with an arsenal of military rifles of our new standard, constituting an enviable goal of many Russian and foreigners always want to have a Russian rifle in person for themselves. " Visiting the ship captain's cabin, Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich saw a huge amount of three-way Mosin rifles, set out in rows along the walls in special racks. The captain said the traveler willing that these rifles are a good way to counter the Manchus, who often shelled the Russian ships from the shore. In addition to HDD, "trehlineyka" as well appreciated in the middle of the Chinese railway workers In the 1st Hunter, Chief of the 1st of the posts on a desert shore Songhua River, the traveler saw an unusual weapon for him — "double-barreled shotgun, one of th
e trunks of which was a" choke ", and under those 2 barrels, ie — Across the bottom, between them, is the barrel for firing a bullet — threaded fitting. " According to HITS, "hunters found this triple-gun, ie shotgun, in conjunction with the union, it is very convenient for the Manchu hunts. Noting that this gun can cost a few hundred rubles, Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich finds it tool perfect for the hunter-lover who is used to shoot priemuschestvenno, swamp game and only occasionally occur in large and unsafe animal. However, the standard benchmark, but Vradiy rightly notes that "these guns are not bad, of course, only expensive models …". Well, since then, nothing has changed: in our time a good Drilling — precious pleasure. V.P.Vrady a few years of its own Asian tour was an experienced hunter, besides knowing how to stand up for themselves and in direct collision with variegated bandits. Experience of scientific activity in the troubled region has permitted to form an answer to the question wanted — a more convenient weapon for the traveler in Asia. The words of the HITS, "if we consider what more utilitarian gun applies, in general, for all the Far East, we must say that if it will be one gun, then you need to take with them only a hard disk or a military rapid-fire gun (rifle shopping. Approx. S . M.) or, in the end, Mauzerovskogo gun, the latter can be recommended for the hunter of average income. "

Weapons for hunting and self-defense in the Russian Far East and Manchuria at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

According to testimony HITS, winchester medium caliber in Vladivostok was worth then about 40-60 rubles. and more. From time to time you could buy a good second-hand hard drive for 15-25 rubles. Then, as an addition to it, Vradiy advises or regular shotgun or a 20-16 caliber smoothbore "Berdan rifle," which was then popular throughout Russia. Regarding the triple-gun with a rifled barrel, our scientist advises him wealthy hunters. In addition, it shows its weaknesses: a large mass, and of little use for self-defense because of the low rate of fire (as opposed to hard disks and military magazine rifles).

For everyday excursions in the districts of Harbin and other cities of the Manchu (ordinary walking, not for the purpose of hunting), Vradiy bezotstupno advises always in for yourself to have a reliable medium-caliber gun, applicable to wear nestled in the pocket. In the latter case, for lack of a compact pistol, revolver army is also fully applicable to such problems. Apparently, the conditions for such tips from the Russian ethnographer were very compelling … have returned to St. Petersburg and analyzing the results of their own travel, Vyacheslav Panteleimonovich come to a final conclusion, "ordinary hunter and, coupled with the fact, in general, a tourist is able to expose his life to danger Far East (in peacetime), is required to have at home and in Manchuria three kinds of guns. These include: in-1-x (mandatory) — the hard drive or a military rifle (the latter is better), at-2 — the usual center-fire shotgun Berdan rifle or smoothbore (second for small hunting easier), and in-3- — medium-sized South American or any other gun that can be discreetly worn under for himself, so that he would not displeased during long or short walks. And another tip: each of these tools need to be in store early harvested and serviceable ammunition for in Manchuria there are places where patrons have to stock up for the earlier almost a full year ahead … "Well, and today more than a century of advice limitations over the burning, even if we abstract from their purely conceptual qualities. Of course, the "big Mauser" modern hunter "middle class" is unlikely to be supplemented with its own arsenal of expeditionary, but the rest — nothing has changed fundamentally. Painfully conservative hunting traditions. Well, hunting and hiking design tools, as well as the requirements for it, have remained constant.

And our forefathers were not shy 10-ka! Even the "closet", "nerd" of the capital in the field of district land criteria Empire rapidly became a skilled hunter and fighter, possessing diplomatic skills and able to survive in all criteria. The real, full of threats, even the life of the seeker of knowledge of glassing a bouncer Petersburg dandies immediately all human rottenness, is rapidly bringing up character warriors — tough, fairly austere, flegmantichnogo to their suffering, blood, severe psychosomatic stress and constant danger of life.

The Russian people were walking by feral trails and rivers is not unknown for the sake of money and fame, but for the sake of prosperity of. The officers of the army and navy, industrialists and scientists, their deeds multiply the power of the Empire, the private benefits are not set too far in the first place, taking care first about the state utility. Names of people who have expanded the boundaries Russian Empire until the U.S. California, names stand in tribute to the first lines of the list of the best people of, now almost forgotten. Their exploits structurally changed the map of the world and to be a people unshakeable memory — replaced by modern system of values and assertive slogans about the "irrelevance" of the Far East Russia. It is time to turn around and pay tribute to the forefathers. According to another is impossible. "Who does not remember the past — has no future," according to experienced people. Experienced speech. And it burning on this day.

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