The gun for hunting

Weapons for huntingOne of the main interests of the real men are confident within themselves is tool. If a person is engaged in hunting, for him the acquisition of high-quality tools — this is the same thing that the choice for an experienced violin violinist. Not a bad gun for hunting is not easy to find. After all, not too far away in every town has its own gun shop with 20 years of history.

One of the most popular hunting "barrel" is a famous TOZ. This one of Russian weapons-grade brands which shot to fame in the various countries of the world. Now a tool that was released at the Tula factory, you can behold in the different hunting areas, from Ukraine to Canada.

Make out one of the most common hunting rifles in Russia — an excellent barrel TOZ-88. The caliber of this gun corresponds to 12/76. Gun is a semi-automatic. Its trunk is fixed, unlike many guns for hunting. In fact, the TOZ-88 — this is a true work of art weapons. At the butt of a gun manufacturer often does ornament. TOZ-88 trunk chrome. Many iron surfaces are decorated with engraving. Stock and forend such hunting rifle made of wood to Die, which completely resists wetting and desiccation.

The total length of such guns is 1.25 m and its weight — 3.3 kg. Shop is a vessel designed for 4 rounds. Now these guns can behold not only for experienced hunters, and in the personal collections of weapons.

If we talk about the double-barrel guns, then it is possible to allocate a gun from another manufacturer — MR43. It produces a well-known enterprise tool — IMZ. If you decide to pick up a gun that you will not fail, it is recommended to take a weapon for hunting in the tested product in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Gun MR43-gauge 12/76 is different in that it has a mass of about 3.6 kilograms with barrel length up to 75 cm with a gun so well to go hunting for a large animal. It used to hunt wild boar or elk in special grounds, where one type of hunting is officially allowed. MR43 has a double-barreled shotgun in the presence of two rifle-trigger which are equipped Shortgun frame. The chamber is chrome-plated gun to avoid corrosion.

Now high-quality shotgun for hunting one can order by means of an online store. High quality tool can be a good gift for men which passionate about hunting. Cannon asks painstaking care and proper storage.

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