The implementation of the budget program of education and training


The budget program of the Government of the first Ukrainian students Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuka, after the selection of the Bid Evaluation Committee, which is chaired by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine Eugene Sulima, have already gone overseas to develop the knowledge and experience of the Chinese People's Republic.

On the personal initiative of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the active participation of the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports Dmytro Tabachnik in the country continues to implement the budget program teaching students and training of graduate students, researchers and academic and teaching staff in the leading higher educational and research institutions abroad.

The purpose of education and training is to increase the level of theoretical and practical training of students, graduate students, researchers and academic and teaching staff, conducting original research with the use of modern equipment and technology, unique mastery of the latest techniques, to gain experience of research and teaching activities, provision of information exchange , the expansion of international scientific contacts.

Realizing the state internship program guide Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuka invited scientists from the Chinese University

oil partner university, with an official visit PoltNTU. During the meeting, the official signing ceremony of the Regulation on the establishment of Ukrainian-Chinese Centre for Master based PoltNTU.

After the signing of the Regulations university leaders discussed the implementation of the educational processes in partner universities of integrated curriculum, in particular the possibility to decide on the list of required courses, attracting students themselves-masters.

Further, as was made at the meeting and provided an exchange of experience between scientists of both partner universities. After all, for the exchange of scientific thought with foreign counterparts in PoltNTU now established all the technical terms, therefore Skype and other communication tools allow today to communicate with foreign scientists. It now remains to university students and researchers seek to further improve the mastery of foreign languages, particularly Chinese.

Since PoltNTU — the only Ukrainian University, China University of Petroleum which has a cooperation agreement, it is said the Rector of the University of Vladimir Onishchenko, adds more responsibility to the scientific and academic institutions and the student body, so the challenge now PoltNTU — make cooperation with the Chinese University — Partner productive.

The situation in the framework of the signed agreements between PoltNTU and Kuhn, beginning immediately translated into concrete steps: almost simultaneously with members of the Chinese delegation to the Middle Kingdom flew three students master PoltNTU to undergo a six-month study. After settling in, Daria Severin, Igor and Nikolay Nedorub Shinkarenko via Skype communication has managed to share first impressions. "I could not even imagine what this country would be, — Noted Daria Severin — bright colors, the order in all politeness — the first thing that comes to mind when you get to China."

According to previously signed agreements with the Beijing Institute of Technology, the state program in China set off two more students PoltNTU — Masters of the oil and gas business Snigir Constantine and Alexander Vlasov. Students can enjoy the new experience, dating, knowledge.

Soon others will go to training young scientists. In particular, recently joined the scientific work of the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) graduate Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuka Vladimir Kolienko. And with the assistance of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine the opportunity to graduate student PoltNTU Jeanne Bloodless an internship at the University of Birmingham (UK).

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