The January Spring in southern Russia aroused the envy of all Europe

January 24, 2013. For several days south of the European Russia is the warmest region in Europe. In the city of Hot Spring (Krasnodar Territory) and Kasumkent (Dagestan) thermometer readings reached 20, while the warmest city in Spain, Italy and Greece were given a maximum of 18.

In the capital of Kuban January 22 shows a temperature of 17.8, which was the highest value of the day for the last 46 years. In January 1966, in the climatic tables recorded 16.5.

Another temperature record This year marked in Krasnodar January 18 (+15.1). Surprise feature was the almost complete bessnezhe this winter. That little snow that fell on the New year, almost immediately melted.

In addition to the Kuban in the power of the January "Spring" remains almost the entire region. Over the last two days of heat records set in Vladikavkaz (15.5), Minvody (+15.3), Rostov-on-Don (12.3) and some other cities in the south Russia.

The red line in this hot topics passes Stavropol, where recorded two consecutive daily record heat: 22 January (15.9) and 23 January (11.6). The city has completely melted snow that fell copiously on the eve of the New Year. The decor is very reminiscent of spring: green grass, the birds are singing in the parks, the citizens rest on the benches.

However, a natural mistake will be corrected soon. According to the forecast, abnormal heat leave the region in the coming weekend, and then the average temperature will return to long-term average. At the end of January will be precipitation in the form of rain and sleet. Nights will be freezing.

Source: News Gismeteo

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