The light went out of the clouds




In the sky at Stary Oskol arose gigantic church lamp

Abnormal glow near the village Babaninka.

At dawn, just before the presidential election, the atmosphere was surprised by the villagers Babaninka anomaly. As if from the ground-up hit a powerful pillar of bright light. It did not disappear for about 10 minutes. Oskol abbot of Holy Trinity Church, Archpriest Andrei Filatov doubted the divine origin of the glow. Miracle — a sign from above, decided the local believers. And the sign of the cross, seeing as the cloud has taken the form of the church lamps, and the light was similar to the fire — narrowed at the top and trembled. This, indeed, is an anomaly — a "normal" sunlight is necessary to disperse, and not converge. Implicated in the "miracle" could be geomagnetic situation. But, as reported by the Center for Hydrometeorology, all six regional stations recorded its smooth background.

— The glow is really strange — admitted Professor of General Physics, Belgorod State University Constantin Kahn. However, to explain its nature could not. Suggested only that the phenomenon may be due to some kind of technological research, which he does not know.


Vyacheslav VEDMANOV, Natalia POKUTNEVA. ("KP" — Belgorod ").

March 16, 2004

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