The main internal prepyadstviya Europe

Many residents of the Russian Federation said that the European Alliance — a "paradise" perfect alliance and a place to live. Apparently, they share the world and millions of migrants from Africa, Asia states that every year more and more increasing their numbers in the "Old World".

The main internal problems of modern Europe

— The problem of migrants. Italy, Greece and several other states simply "drown" waves of migrants from the Arab world and black Africa. In Italy, several thousand people come each day. The Italian government lodges them in "temporary camps", but the Italians do not share such "hospitality". On the peninsula of Lampedusa held several natural protests in response to "refugees" themselves staged a massive mess.

This problem is exacerbated by the reluctance of "Aliens" integrated into the European system of values, migrants enhance the position of crime, contemptuous of the local culture, tightly enter their customs (polygamy, underage girls in sale spouses, sacrifice, etc.). Many workers do not want to work, live on benefits and shady trades.

Europe itself to blame for the occurrence of this prepyadstviya, almost all of the legacy of the colonial empires of European countries. After the second world war migrants brought to recover the shattered economy, they were used in the most Zapyataev and languid works. But by the 70s the situation began to change, luring the highest European standards of living and good reception of employers who wanted to save, to Europe flocked large masses of Africans and Arabs. They are not built into European society, making their neighborhoods, where oppress indigenous inhabitants, forming a nearly uncontrollable and police authorities zone, where they lived on their own customs, with the highest level of crime (sale of guns, prostitution, drugs).

It can be said that has already started the colonization of the peoples of Europe, which were previously under the control of European powers. Occurred and cultural colonization of Europe — the music of Dark Africa (rhythms of pop music), appearance (the same dreadlocks). First "bell" rang out in autumn 2005 in France, when in the suburbs of Paris and other cities was a wave of pogroms, the participants were in the main negros and Arabs.

At the current time live in Europe, according to various estimates, between 15 and 24 million Muslims. And their number constantly grows at the expense of newcomers and good fertility, in contrast to the pure white of the indigenous population of Europe. By 2015, demographers estimate, their number will increase two-fold.

The main internal problems of Europe

— The growth of nationalism. Europe's response was the second wave of nationalism (the first was in the 20-30s of XX century). Popularity of far-right and right-wing parties and movements in Europe, it is growing rapidly. For example: in 2010, the Netherlands' Freedom Party "took third place with more than 15% of the vote in the 2010 Hungarian National Conservative Party" Fides "has received more than 52% of the vote, the ultranationalist party" for the best Hungary "received 17% of votes voters in Switzerland to forbid minarets, put forward the idea of "Swiss People's Party", it was supported by more than 57% of the Swiss.

All of the main favorites in Europe, the heads of government in France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands recognized the failure of the policy of multiculturalism.

So Makar, the peoples of Europe psychologically prepared for a new war between civilizations.

— The economic crisis. The EU economy is held by Germany and France, but it lasts forever not be, first appeared on the verge of bankruptcy of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. Yes, and a number of other states are also in decline, lest they quickly reduce municipal expenditures, defense spending, laying off municipal employees.

In London, March 26, there were demonstrations in which participated more than 500 thousand people, has become a prerequisite for spending cuts in the budget. In the end, even the unrest began. More than 200 people were arrested. April 6 Portugal asked the EU for cash assistance, the IMF and the EU for the previously agreed to provide a loan of Portugal in the amount of 80 billion dollars. euro. Belgium's national debt headed for 100% of GDP (400 billion. Euros) in 2012, as predicted by professionals, will amount to 102% — this is the third after Greece and Italy.

The rulers of Europe, like the U.S., there is no need to maintain the highest standard of living in Europe and the presence of a large middle-class standard of living in Europe will fall further. In the end, fall down at least twice.

Jacques Attali believes that in 2012-2013 a severe economic and financial crisis will eventually lead to a political crisis and the disintegration of the euro area.

According to the views of Russian professional M. Khazina, the crisis is likely to bury the EU. Fully possible collapse of the industrial North — so, first, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and northern Italy. And the more rural South, where even plays a huge role and Tourism: Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal. Of course, no one will be free and the country's third type, in the main, these are countries that were part of the former socialist world system. All real creation in these countries destroyed (because it was part of the Soviet system of division of labor), and people's incomes were supported by rising real estate prices and EU subsidies.

— The threat of the collapse of a number of states. Under the threat is not only the fate of the EU Member States, and several states. The contradictions between the favorites niderlandoyazychnoy Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia in fact insoluble. Belgium may split into two parts. In England might separate Scotland, and Wales.

The first candidate to be broken — it is Spain, regions such as the Basque Country and Catalonia, has long been demanding greater autonomy. Separatist, nationalist sentiments are in Andalusia, Galicia, Asturias, there are Canarian nationalism (Canary Islands claimed autonomy in 1933). "Iron Hand" Franco gave up working now "stick behind the curve" in the other direction, the Spanish authorities in every way condone the separatists and regionalists, in the fight for parliament's ruling party is buying the loyalty of regional deputies promises to strengthen the autonomy and always makes these promises. In Catalonia already has its own militia, in the Basque Country "germ" of the army. In the end, Spain could fall apart on a huge number of independent states.

— The problem of aging and shrinking snow-white population. According to the UN in 2050, Germany's population will decrease from 82 million to 71 million, in Italy — from 57.5 million to 43 million people in Spain — from 40 million to 31 million. France's population will grow, but only at the expense of Arab and African communities. In general, the population of the EU Member States will fall from 376 million to 339.3 million, an even bigger reduction in waiting for the countries of Eastern Europe — from 105 million to 85 million It should be added that Turkey's population will grow from 66 million to 100 million Russian also waiting impending reduction — up to 104 million people, Ukraine — up to 30 million.

Ladies European countries (except Albania) do not wish to give birth, they make a career, eventually a
maximum of one or two children per family. In Eastern Europe, the second child — this is the "luxury".

According to research demographers, by mid-century, a third of Europe's population will be over 65 years old men, one in ten will be 80 years old. The average age of Europeans in 2050 would be 49 years.

If half a century of white Europeans back on the planet was 22% of the population of the earth, in the current time of 12% by mid-century will fall to 6.5%. In 1990, the population went down exclusively in Germany, Bulgaria, and Hungary, while in 2002 it went down already in the 12 countries of Central Europe.

— The problem of the health of Europeans. On the basis of the report on the state of health in Europe in 2010, prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, together with the European Commission, it is possible to identify the main problems with health of Europeans. One of the major problems — it is obesity, obesity of patients in the past 20 years has doubled. Every second European suffers obesity or excess weight. Toddlers obesity every 7th. Obesity is one of the main reasons for high levels of cardiovascular diseases. Significant problems also with smoking, wrong diet, in a number of drunkenness (UK, Germany, Czech Republic, etc.), shortage of physical activity and stress.

The main internal problems of Europe

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