The main variants of video surveillance systems

The main variants of video surveillance systems


In an effort to provide their own housing company or the highest degree of protection against third-party penetration, each of us should think about having to purchase a system CCTV. In most cases, this concept combines voedinyzhdy several surveillance cameras (in the simplest case — one) and monitor (to reflect videosvedeny). In addition, the device is a necessary element for the processing and storage of the acquired next disk imaging. Such a list of "parts" is common to all modern systems CCTV, including those made by the company and ACUMEN.

There are several variants of the considered instrument of security of personal and corporate assets.

1. System, built on the basis of ordinary PC / Laptop. In order to provide computer equipment capable of receiving signals from the cameras, it should be improved by installing a video recording. As option, You can use device, Allows you to connect to USB-port. The main demand — the presence of PC / Laptop enormous amount of disk space. In the unlikely event that becomes unenforceable cluster it acquired videos. For creating the most reliable video surveillance system, it is necessary to get the device only in true reliable manufacturers, for example, such as the Taiwanese company ACUMEN.

2. The basis for the creation of this option is the DVR — self device, performing the receipt, processing, and storage of the following data, dockable camera. Recording is only just on the hard disk. Processing, in turn, is only in digital form. If need be you can pick up one hundred percent ready-made kits, components of which are provided with all the necessary preparatory options.

3. Systems CCTV, made on the basis of modern digital (IP) cameras. Manufacturers of these devices, each user chooses at its discretion. In recent years, one of the more reliable companies creators of technology for video surveillance is ACUMEN.

Digital cameras are able to receive, process, and transmit over a local or wide area network all the Exposed video. As a result, the customer gets all the information he needed, while in the very highest quality.

At least some of the 3 options listed is quite good in its own way. So, the choice is yours!

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