The meeting with the aliens earthlings will happen in 2050

Not Today almost everyone knows that UFOs do exist. The first official appearance of the UFO was recorded June 24, 1947. The pilot of a private jet Kenneth Arnold in the mountains Reiner saw 9 objects shaped like plates, flying at a speed of 1200 miles per hour. After Arnold voiced its report, the UFO began to register. Since that time, there were 8 thousand objects.

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In recent history, the meeting carried the head of Russia and the United States. Of course the U.S. is more information: What is the famous "Area 51", 3 UFO crash in Roksvelee, a huge UFO over Utah and hundreds of stories of Air Force pilots who have seen, and even attacked the unidentified objects.

According to the UN every year in the world standard of living will fall. Correct as this situation can only world government. Or beings of superior intelligence. According to conservative estimates, about 2050 people on Earth will be 9,000,000,000. With so many people will lack the most basic things of life.

According to A. Nikitenko — Coordinator of the International Union of ufology, aliens must help mankind. They will intervene in our affairs only when we get to the end of the point X, at a time when the end of civilization is inevitable.

At the same time, the former Canadian Defense Minister asked the governments of all countries, so that they declassified space technology obtained from the fallen UFO and started their application to slow down the process of climate change. In view of the fact that UFOs must travel great distances, they must be equipped with advanced technology and use a particular type of fuel.

Need to convince all governments to make public all the data. There are suspicions that they may be known secret technologies that can save the planet — said the former minister.

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