The most horrible death — to be alive burrowed

Today is probably hard to imagine the most horrible death — is to be buried alive. This is a terrible torments that could provide at the time, but there were people who wanted to be buried at his own request.

In North Africa, lives a tribe of savages that his people still buried alive. In the Zaporozhye Sech, live murderer always buried in the same grave of his victim. In the Tribe to Dick in Severnoyy Africa leaders themselves wished to afford such a death.

One of the leaders of the tribe, when he realized that he had become old and helpless, he wished for such a death, which is the traditional. He announced to all the relatives and kinsmen of his desire. Those, of course, not can it refuse to do so. To do this, on the highest hill struggled quite a deep hole where a shield of leather bull was laid leader.

On top of the leader snapped manure, at that time the leader himself pronounced it beyond the grave and gave advice to fellow tribesmen in the future. When the leader fell silent, grave threw manure to the top, and then declared that their master would be adopted land. Set on a huge stone tomb, thus denoting a place of rest. Soon, however, this tribe was to bury people alive, but as we know the tradition slowly dying.

Last year, the ethnographer visited one of massayskih tribes. Maasai not only excellent hunters, but people are able to be written in blood. Ethnographer able to witness the most interesting ritual where a sick man bound hand and foot, along with a live goat buried in the ground, above it danced and lit bonfires, and an hour later the man was perfectly healthy, and the animal dies.
However, it is unclear why the animals died, did Masai tribes do have an unknown force.

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