The mysterious curse home Gogols




Alexei Butor

Spring turned to Nikolai Gogol happy and tragic time: April 1, 1809 he was born, and March 4, 1852 he died. The early death of his suddenly collapsed on the Moscow — for a writer in the last years of his life not often appeared in public, preferring a small circle of his closest friends, though concealed from them almost everything that was done at that time in his soul — the soul of the patient, a sinful man, who realized his sin and seeks to rescue.

In this way, there were many difficulties. Some were visible externally, for others needed a more in-depth, the spiritual eye. Gogol needed a spiritual elder who could understand him, to take away the sins of his. The writer prefers not to talk about a lot, even in the confessional — after the great old man he could not be found, even in the Optina Kaluga province, where he had gone many times for advice.

External, so to speak, the medical causes death of the writer interested to this day many researchers. However, there are still some reasons for the early death of Nikolai. They reside outside the conventional framework, but rather related to some people's views on human nature and the nature of human communication with off-net forces.

In his early writings Gogol introduced into Russian literature a lot of evil spirits. Recall, the "Wii". Filmed by Soviet filmmakers of the movie on this story can not be seen without fear. The materials for these products — all kinds of records, "horror", people signs, rituals and spells would send Gogol at the request of his mother Maria Ivanovna. It is clear that the collection of such data in the ethnographic expedition she did not have to go — it was enough just to go to the village next to his own estate.

It's safe to say that having any kind of witchcraft, familiarity with evil spirits were at home Gogol phenomenon quite ordinary, run of the mill and charming Solokh were many.

Was not exception in this respect, and Gogol Vasilevka (Yanovschina) — an estate in Poltava, where lived many generations Gogol-Yanovsky — it sounds so completely Heirloom nickname writer.

Gogol has repeatedly recalled that owes its birth of doctoral not only art, but also to St. Nicholas of Myra. My mother was a writer before two miscarriages, she was afraid of losing a child again, but because she vowed to name it in honor of St. Nicholas, so that he became the patron saint of the future genius of Russian literature. By the way, at that time it was difficult with medical assistance and as if it was because of the writer's mother and moved out of his father's house to give birth to another — to the village Sorochyntsi, the doctor's house Trofimovsky.

In June 1903 the writer A.Moshin recorded in the house Gogol short story writer Olga's sister. To some extent, it sheds light on the mysteries of the biography of the author of "Dead Souls." I wonder what it is — the last child in the family — was born on the same day with his only brother — the first of the surviving children in the family. "Cold, he was very afraid. The last time he left here with the intention to live the winter in Rome, but stopped in Moscow, where friends begged him to stay, to live in Russia, not to go to Rome.'s Brother pleaded much, kept repeating that he was harmful cold … and made fun of him, assured him that all this seems to him so that he takes great winter in Russia. persuaded his brother … He stayed and died.

Then my eldest son died. Then we became unbearable our old house … There is a belief among the people, if the contractor building the house angry with the owner and if the "lay the house on its head", the misery tend over the house. In our family, all the men were dying … We decided that this damn house, and sryli it, and built a new, albeit alongside almost the same, but all the same at the other place. And what a strange phenomenon was once ruined old house. Under the bright holiday (Easter — AB), our maid asked for leave to go to their home, ready to leave, but lay down to rest for a minute and was fast asleep. And when I woke up and told us that she had seen a dream: that old, old house was intact, and it was there, and I saw in that house a lot of men, but some men, no women. And she began to tell us who saw it. Called my dead son, my brother, father … "And yet, — he says — saw a man with a black beard," and other signs began to speak. We have learned by her story of our deceased uncle, whom she had never seen and did not know. She also told us about our other male relatives of the dead, who saw it as a dream, but she had never known … "

I must say that while women in Gogol different kind enviable health and longevity. Thus, the writer's mother died in the eighth decade, and that because some pereela after Lent. The same is true of the writer and sisters — rare dolgozhitelnitsa.

Perhaps it is in the house is the reason many misfortunes of the family, especially when you take into account the propensity male part to an increased perception of not quite "clean".

In the past century, the art of those "ax clothes, shoes but he also feeds" — carpenters, brought it to perfection. Well, since the calculation was made with them are not always honest hosts went underpay position, the workmen came up with the most people gimmicks in order to annoy the owners. Because at that time there were many all kinds of healers and sorcerers, in ordinary life, hunted including carpentry craft their secret knowledge that they are also used against offended their hosts.

The most primitive form of punishment were splinters, pledge between the logs, so the cottage can not be caulked. This place is always froze. In Tenishev Ethnographic Bureau had information that one day in the Novgorod province carpenters conjured so that everyone, no matter who came into the house, in the front corner seemed lying dead. Hut decided to break. In the corner at the same time under the bench was found nail driven away from the sepulcher. Did the carpenters, and all sorts of arcane incantations: "House is not standing, the house no life who will live, and who will die." In this case, the logs are not Tessa along and across.

That's why it was supposed to placate carpenters at every crucial moment of construction. Drink oblazheynoe, zaruchnoe, ups, obsevayut Matica. Last rite is particularly important, well, well — it was enough just to be honest, to pay in full and observe all the customs of old gray-haired …

After the demolition of the old house of Gogol's all in the family was fine. Appeared to light a lot of children who have lived long and healthy. However, even the slightest signs of giftedness in them was not, though, and before the father of the writer, and his mother, and, of course, he differed great talents. Not even helped the new kin selection of talented families. The eldest son of the writer's sister Elizabeth V. Bykov Nicholas was married to Marina Alexandrovna Pushkin — native granddaughter of the great poet.

In a strange way the death of his Gogol probably had a premonition. He always avoided meeting with the kindest and sweet Moscow "doctor of the poor" Fedor Petrovich Haas. However, on the night of the new 1852 he accidentally met the doctor left the room master of the house where the writer lived. At its broken Russian Haas wished him, of course, with all of his good heart of this new year, which would grant him eternal year … Indeed, the leap in 1852 brought the writer to eternity, as in the eternal world of literary history were his compositions.


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