The mysterious parchment

In the scientific world has caused a big stir the Voynich manuscript. According to the established knowledge, the book was written by an unknown author with the pen, 600 years ago, and got its name from the surname of a person who acquired it in the early XX century. It represents a loose parchment, 3 cm thick, of 240 pages, and, judging by numbering them was much more. Its interesting colored pictures and text messages still remain unsolved.

The content of the book suggests that it was not compiled by a simple man, and, perhaps, a scientist — an alchemist, crashed his creation into 6 sections:

  • Botanical
  • Astronomical
  • Biological
  • Cosmological
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retseptny

Each of them is equipped with amusing illustrations and commentaries. Since the alphabet letters has not been elucidated, we have to build a lot of speculation as to what we wanted to tell the author himself. By the way, if you are interested in Guessing on the book of changes on the site you can guess from the book of changes online.

Cryptanalysis of the Voynich manuscript — interesting work. Some researchers during decryption point to the fact that the words of the letter — it is not any language, and specially created artificially cipher, others note that the letters are suspiciously similar to modern Russian, of course, not entirely, but there are some similarities.

A similar situation occurs with the illustrations: like pictures as pictures, but here they are drawn either crazy, or a professional technician. The fact that some plants whose images are placed in the botanical department simply does not exist in the world. Similar effect is observed in all available sections and further confuses the transcript.

Maybe the book was written by a man of the earth, but the knowledge that is described there, were purchased from the outside? But such an option is possible: the book appeared in our world of paravselennoy.

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