The myth of the magnetic storm

The myth of the magnetic storm

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Every day, sheets of newspapers,
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You quietly without reading
They throw for a buffet.
(Sasha Black, "Diet")

At the end of July 2004 for a week, our planet is in the grip of strong magnetic storms caused by solar flares.

It is said that such violent storms occur no more frequently than once every 10 years. But people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases, that does not help. The number of rings in the "first aid" these days has increased several times. Doctors have distributed a warning about the possibility of massive heart attacks and strokes in the population. In an interview with the program "Vesti" chief therapist of Moscow Department of Health recommended that "to increase by about one-third of the amount of drugs taken from heart spasms, hypertension." And in case of deterioration of health — go to the doctor and wait out the storm at the hospital.

For a similar effect of magnetic storms on health has long been known. Just as long there recommendations on how to behave in these days for people with poor health. However, the mechanism of action of a magnetic storm on the man is still a matter of controversy. And accordingly, different views of how the total correct respond to this phenomenon.

Solar bomb

From the point of view of classical science, the mechanism of the geomagnetic storm looks like. Nuclear explosions are regularly taking place on the sun, emit a powerful stream toward Earth short-wave electromagnetic radiation, cosmic rays and plasma. Electromagnetic radiation reaches the Earth in about 8 minutes. After a few hours reach the slower cosmic rays, and a couple of days — the solar wind. In this case, short-wave radiation and cosmic rays are absorbed by the atmosphere, and the disturbed flow of plasma "blocked" by the magnetic field of the Earth. But taking on the blow, magnetic Earth Shield "shudders."

It is these fluctuations of the electromagnetic field of the earth and living things are felt. Bees, pigeons, dolphins, salamanders and other animals have the ability to navigate in the magnetic field due to the fact that nature has given them "embedded" into the nerve endings magnets (grains of magnetite Fe3O4). During magnetic storms, this mechanism gets off, which leads to an unusual animal behavior.

There is evidence that the biogenic magnetite is present in the human body. It is believed that in the course of evolution man almost completely lost the ability to "listen" to their magnetite, but this ability is not lost completely, and it can be developed.

But even when a living being has no own magnetite response to changes in the external magnetic field still holds as many vital processes in the body based on electromagnetic phenomena — varies the rate of chemical reactions, the rate of propagation of the nerve impulses and etc.

Space Panic

There remains, however, an important question is why the greatest impact on the human being is weak fields, when the all round as strong — and their own field The earth, and man-made magnets?

It is believed by scientists from the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, this is due to the fact that their own electromagnetic field of the most active in the field of low and ultra-low frequencies (0.01-100 Hz). Therefore, the impact of magnetic storms is notable precisely this band.

Also interesting is the hypothesis expressed in the work of the researcher Olga IZMIRAN Khabarova. As in the case of a magnetic storm it is a fairly low impact, there may be the most significant component of an informative and not intensity. Being a part of nature, the human body not only keeps track of the changes of geomagnetic conditions, but probably uses them to synchronize the rhythm of their internal processes (biological rhythms). In this case, the fluctuations of the field can be seen as warning signals of impending danger — earthquakes, hurricanes and other unpleasant phenomena frequency more so in the years of high solar activity.

"We can assume that our response to changes in the geomagnetic field — an atavistic reflex, such as discomfort at the sound of" metal on glass ", which is highly reminiscent of a cry of danger baboon. Reaction to disturbances of geomagnetic field … is expressed in the primary mobilization of all the forces of the body. Perhaps the original purpose of this mobilization — a willingness to fight to the likely rapid changes of habitat, the urge to survive "- believes Habarova.

Simply put, itself magnetic storm is not necessarily harmful to the body. But the jump in the electromagnetic field, causing resonance to the "human frequencies," is an irritant to the psyche. And then the mind is satisfied with stress throughout the body — why, and deteriorating health.

This approach, in particular, explains the famous Gumilevsky "passionarnost." War, Revolution and other conflicts in the years of high solar activity are due to the increased excitability of the people who work for "atavistic reflex to a magnetic storm." Not knowing the nature of this reflex, man easily carried to other explanations of their problems — and becomes part of the crowd that goes something storm.

Anyone who has read this far probably already figured out what this implies the conclusion — during a magnetic storm in the first place should be reassured own head. This can be done with breathing exercises, exercising, or just a nice walk in the fresh air. And yet, as advised by Professor Preobrazhensky, "do not read Soviet newspapers before breakfast" (these days, this recommendation applies to the TV). It is possible that after the application of these methods, you will not need any heart medications or revolutionary posters.

Storm, created by people

We have said that there are magnetic storms on a person stronger than man-made electric fields. However, there are two big "but."

First, impact Sun on the human biorhythm study is not the first century, and the impact of artificial electric fields — recently. Second, the development of technology there are more devices that invade the "human frequency." And then do not even have to wait for "electronic skin" from Microsoft — unpleasant electric fields is already enough.

For example, two years ago, St. Petersburg, scientists have come to a shocking conclusion: the St. Petersburg subway workers and passengers are exposed to the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequencies, hundreds of times greater than the great geomagnetic storm. Because of this, the train drivers and powerful underground railway locomotives there is a high percentage of coronary heart disease. And the passengers are cases of sudden heart attacks. As a result of measurements carried out at stations and on trains, it was found that the strongest electric fields "process" of people in the cab, in the passenger cabin and on the edge of the platform, where the majority of passengers are waiting for a train.

According to the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Yuri Kopytenko, director of the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, the magnetic fields are in the metro pulse character. They arise when the train starts to move, gaining speed rapidly, and when to brake sharply. So people receive periodic short-term impacts on the magnetic body with a frequency of 7-9 Hz. According to physiologists, human organism is sensitive to such fields as ultra-low frequ
encies are within the scope of normal brain wave activity.

And this is not the only case of "artificial magnetic storm." Probably about the consequences of many of them, we know only a few decades. But one thing at once: in our day to panic over every solar flare is perhaps that the person who does not ride the subway, do not use a mobile phone does not work on your computer, do not sleep next to the fridge, etc. (This list is useful, "not" you can go on your own).

Alexei Andreev

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