The occupation of Ukraine: A Nightmare for Russia and for prazdnichek Svidomo

The occupation of Ukraine: Terror for Russia and a feast for the SvidomoHorror for at least some Ukrainian nationalist is Russian "occupation" of Ukraine. He dreamed, as untold riches of their native land trains are exported to the imperial center, condemning Ukrainians to hunger and poverty, culture and language — to oblivion. But though what, at least a little familiar with the real state of affairs in the "independence" such horrors seem unreasonable. Ukraine — a poor country, which occupy valuable delight even for modern Russia. A simple comparison of the financial and economic characteristics of the 2-assure at least some of that all the benefits from such absorption does not take advantage of the occupier and the occupied country. Well it's all the same for the occupier, which will be required to raise pensions and salaries to state employees in two or three times to their own level, would start to build roads, to restore production, supply energoelementy at low prices, with all this, he will do it to the detriment of the citizens of their own country? After all, Ukraine is not in a position at the expense of internal resources to provide its citizens with a comparable level of Russian life. Now it is of course for all the common people.

And it's not the most important thing. A significant part of Ukrainians believe that the transformation of Ukraine into the stately European power did not take place only through the fault of unskilled "evrointegratorov." In other words, if would not Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych and obviously vsesuschie "Muscovites", then Ukraine would have long been in Europe with a suitable standard of living. With all of this, if it is European integration is a mirage independence supporters, in the case of inclusion of the Russian Federation, it will turn into a missed opportunity. I have no doubt that Ukraine will become a part of the Russian Federation, some visionaries in embroidered shirts wander off the steppes of Ukraine and will balamutit people in parables about the stolen happiness, how bad would lived in a European democratic state.

Apart from the restoration of destroyed Ukrainian economy of the Russian Federation will have to meet the creative imagination of the national preoccupation with parts of Ukrainians and shell out for the significant financial support of the Ukrainian culture and language. Fascinating perspective touch economical funding will attract thousands of Svidomo creators, who will be writing a different bredyatinu and its unpopularity justify the machinations of some Muscovites that prevent Ukrainian talent to turn outwards and upwards. Since the reunification of Ukraine and the Russian Federation all the blame for ignoring the Ukrainians own Ridny Culture and Language Society will lie entirely on Moscow.

At the same degree specifically in Russia will move the center of responsibility for all the problem of Ukrainian directly to every pothole on a rural road. Peasant and parochial rulers Khutoryanskaya not imbued with the spirit of transformation under their territories in an oasis of prosperity and take write off all of its own deficiencies on the "imperial center." But if any of them try to call pochetat law forgotten their old habits and not to steal beyond measure, we are waiting for the emergence of another stately sufferer, the victim of Ukrainian idea.

Further even funnier, all the laws of modern democracy, one fifth of people's deputies in the State Duma of the Russian Federation has made people from Ukraine (Taking into account the fact that Ukraine's population is less than the population of the Russian Federation). Imagine this circus? What happens is that at the time did not want to let Vladimir Putin — ukrainization Russian politics.

Does not doubt that everything will be exactly as I have described as fairly well studied psychology independence supporters and well acquainted with the history of this extraordinary region. How unfortunate it did not sound, the occupation of Ukraine is not threatened, and the biggest problem for the inhabitants of the country failed.

I would not paint, why horror Svidomo Ukrainians are unfounded, if we did not have and those who have dreams of immediate reunification of Ukraine and Russia. With all this their number is growing in proportion to the nationalist sentiment in Ukraine, Ukrainianization pressure, and most importantly, the actual incidence of the population. Pro-Russian Ukrainians in Russia that behold the saving straw, for which you can grab onto and permanently get rid of the demon-possessed Ukrainian nationalists also address the financial and economic prepyadstviya country.

Russophile do not want to realize that at this stage for a large part of Ukrainian society even allied business with Russia are unacceptable. Neuzh it is not clear that nationalism and Russophobia infected not only the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, but, although to a lesser extent, the rest of Ukraine? After 20 years of active anti-Russian, anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine there are no regions not affected russophobia. Our Ukraine and the home — is not divided the German people of the GDR and the FRG, and the people who had lost a similar relationship together. Before we talk about the reunion, you need a minimum return that "fraternal friendship of the peoples", which was in Soviet times.

Modern Ukraine — a territory svidomizmom mass of infection, the main symptom of which is russophobia. Our homeland is not to cure this infection, but ourselves. To us, Russian and Ukrainians should return a sense of a united country, a common cause, which many of us are etched 10s years. Prepyadstviya history and Russian language are our internal neuvvyazkami, and they need to be specifically addressed to us — the citizens of Ukraine. Though what intervention RF will be regarded as an unfriendly act.

In general, what this conversation? Offers control RF Ukraine is already a feature, they are reduced to the creation of one economic Places and Customs Union with the following transformation into the Eurasian Alliance. More than any other plans in Russia regarding Ukraine does not and probably will not, if the Ukrainian government will keep myself as one.

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