The phenomena of vision eyes closed: results of the


The phenomena of vision eyes closed: results of the



Yuri Petrovich Pyt'ev — D.Sc. .. Prof. .. Head. Department. Computer Methods of Physics, Physics Faculty, Moscow State University. University. Research interests: mathematical methods and computer technology analysis and interpretation of the experiment, inverse problems, recognition.

The systematic study of the physical processes involved in extrasensory perception (ESP), was initiated more than a hundred years ago the famous physicists JJ Thomson, O.Lodzhem and V.Kruksom [1,2]. Recent research conducted in ESP major universities, research and technology institutes in many countries [3 — 5], including Russia, where for a number of years of research conducted at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences under the direction of Yu.V.Gulyaeva. Much attention is paid to the study of consciousness itself, and the construction of the physical models [6-10]. To date, accumulated an impressive experimental material relating to various aspects of the phenomenon of ESP [3, 4]. However, until now we did not have a satisfactory scientific explanation of the findings.

In [11 — 1] describes the results of studies of the phenomenon of "seeing" with your eyes closed substance in an electromagnetic field and related electrodynamic processes. It is shown that the phenomenon under study has the characteristics of the wave process and is characterized by two important features that allow for the study of its use physical methods, — complete reproducibility and the ability to perform physical measurements. The fact that with the considered phenomena were directly related to the electromagnetic processes, plays a crucial role, as it allows to hope for it to apply the standard learning methods based on the use of transducers that transform the studied phenomenon into an electrical signal. Experimental results indicate the nature of the holographic perception embodiment and its possible interpretation in terms of characteristic of the visual system.


In [17] describes the phenomenon of "seeing" eyes closed ", which does not require a specially designed magnetic field, and given its characteristics as a wave process.
Below are the results of studies of phenomena of "seeing" with your eyes closed and associated processes.

The phenomenon of "seeing" with your eyes closed substance in an electromagnetic field
It is about the ability of the test NA "See" with their eyes closed objects placed in a constant magnetic field, and "lit" electromagnetic radiation visible or microwave range [11 — 13]. The resolving power of "seeing" related to the wavelength "of the electromagnetic light" and increases with decreasing wavelength.
A sheet of paper placed between the magnet and the test does not allow to "see" a magnet. If the paper is placed very close to the magnet, it became "apparent" that part of the plate, around which there was a very strong magnetic field. The same shielding effect caused ordinary glass, metal etc.
When attempting to specify the location of the magnet hand happened next. When the subject puts a hand to a magnet, his way of moving in the direction of his hands and disappeared when the hand passes over it. If the subject approaches the magnet both hands on both sides, then at some point in time image of the magnet forks.
If one of the poles of the magnet core Trays (plastic, glass, copper, etc.), then, according to the test, much of it from the side of the magnet "bright light" and conductors have occurred glow with a halo, the latter is not in dielectrics observed. A similar effect was observed in the case where the end of the rod was placed in the magnetic field coil current. In this case, the orientation of the rod relative to the magnetic field did not matter. Moreover, valve glowed being arbitrarily bent.
If the magnets are placed on both ends of the rod, in the case where they are turned to the opposite poles of the rod, the rod length 20 cm … 30 shines all. This is more than the sum of lengths of rod, glowing under the influence of each magnet separately. In the case of like poles rod with glowing edges (at a distance of about 5 … 8 cm), the emission region were shorter and the light intensity is greater than for each magnet individually, and with a more powerful magnet glow spread along the bar further and was more intense.

Interesting lighting effect was observed in the experiment with two parallel rods placed between two magnets facing each other like poles. According to the test, the glow as if overflow from one rod to another, and the fracture counterclockwise [13] (eg, the vertical rod right light only from the bottom of the magnet, and the left — from the top). As it turned out, this effect does not depend on the orientation of the magnets relative to the pins of the test, but depends on the distance to it.
If the system with the rods removed from the test, starting from a distance of about 2 m, the effect of "transfusion" disappeared. The effect disappeared abruptly, after which both rods shone at both ends, without affecting each other.
As for the mutual influence of the rods, then found it significant dependence on the distance between the rods. So, at 3 cm the effect of "transfusion" disappear for a distance of about 140 cm from the test, respectively, at 1.0 and 0.6 cm the effect disappeared at distances of 190 and 220 cm in the experiment, magnets, "visible test up to 250 cm .

Thus, we can conclude that the observed phenomena should not be seen as an effect of passive contemplation, but as a result of the interaction of the test and the magnet system with rods. In support of this conclusion says the fact that the subject AL, does not own the equipment, "vision" of the magnet with your eyes closed, gains the ability to "see" the magnet whenever magnet "see" the subject. According to him as a test subject would "set fire" area near the magnet, the objects in the magnetic field begins to "shine." Typically, this test can detect whether the subject is able ESP or not.

Electromagnetic processes related extrasensory perception.
We present the results of some experiments that indicate that, in this case ESP is accompanied by electromagnetic processes, allows room for the standard physical measurements.
It is well known that a closed conductive ring, placed in a constant (in time) the magnetic field, not "showing", except it changes the magnetic flux through (any) surface stretched over the ring. Otherwise, a current ring electromagnetic induction directed so that they produced a magnetic field prevents changing magnetic flux through the ring.

In this case, if next to a permanent magnet which "sees" Subjects placed a conductive ring having a circular shape, and so that the magnet was along the axis of the ring, besides the image on one side of the magnet ring test subject "seen" on the other hand a series of rings "imaginary" Images magnet located on the axis of the ring, the first of which is mirror-symmetrical relative to the image plane of the ring magnet, the second — the first mirror-symmetrical, the distance between the first and second images is less than twice the distance between the first magnet and a picture etc. [13]. With the increase in the conductivity of the ring number "imaginary" images of the magnet increased, and they became "brighter", and if the ring was breaking all the "imaginary" image disappeared. If the ring is not flat but slightly curved, imaginary image is blurred, the blur was the greater, the more deformed ring.
With the gradual compression ring that turns it into an ellipse with increasing eccentricity, imaginary picture is progressively stretched along the major axis of the ellipse. Their brightness was falling, and they are one by one, beginning with the most distant of the ellipse become invisible. At sufficiently high compression, when the ratio of the axes of the order of three, the subjects perceived one or two imaginary image.

If a strip of paper from the test block any magnet ring and then — virtual images, the test subject, respectively, in the first case did not take anything, the second "see" only a magnet, and when it is blocking any of the virtual images of the magnet, the test "is not seen "this image and all that follow it.

If the system is a magnetic ring is moved and rotated as a whole, that is exactly the same transformation experienced the entire collection of "images." In particular, when the system of the magnetic ring was provided to turn the ring to the test, the last "seen" virtual images focused on it along the axis of the ring. Picture of the magnet through the ring was a "visible" weaker than itself, but somewhat brighter than the virtual images.

Note that engendered imaginary closed ring images not only of the magnet, but also any object placed in front of the ring magnetic field.

Interestingly, the entire picture (the magnet and the imaginary image) "visible" light only while a magnet and ring, and the space behind the ring lights from the side opposite to the magnet is not required. Lighting one magnet, one ring or the space behind the ring to where the virtual images are not allowed to test "see" the virtual images.
With a sharp turning off the light, according to the test, the first "went out" the image of the magnet, then a series of virtual images in sequence from the nearest to the ring in such a way that he does not "go out" soon, the rest have not changed, etc. The whole process of "collapse" virtual images lasted for about 1 second.

If, however, under conditions of constant illumination dramatically cleaned ring, virtual images are weakened at the same time, disappearing in the reverse order, starting with the furthest away from the ring. This happened almost instantaneously, ie as quickly as, for example, when the magnet greatly obstruct paper. In this connection it is natural to assume that when you turn off lighting observed physical decay process rather than the process of physiological relaxation in the perception test.

If after the first ring in the area where the "visible" imaginary image placed second ring, it is "reflected" them forward, and a mirror. The angle between the original and a series of virtual images reflected from the second ring is equal to twice the angle between the axes of the rings. It should be emphasized that, while the first ring resulted in the formation of virtual images and give reflections second, conversely, give only reflection.

Despite the fact that the results quite clearly indicate the relationship of the phenomena ESP with electromagnetism, the mechanism remains unclear how ESA and the nature of the interaction of a constant magnetic field, the substance in the field of electromagnetic radiation and light test. It is also unclear how the manifests itself a closed conductive coil in a constant magnetic field as to achieve the effect it is necessary to illuminate simultaneously with the magnet. Conductive ring with ESP behaves as if the substance under test at ESA in the magnetic field modulates the last time, and, thereby modulating the magnetic flux through the ring, the ring current is turned on by induction, magnetic field which prevents the above-mentioned modulation of the magnetic field through ring.

The connection of this phenomenon ESA to electromagnetic phenomena indicate and other facts. For example, a closed conductive ring worn by the head of the test, deprived of its ability to "see" objects in the electromagnetic field. Moreover, while the test subject is lost, and other abilities of extrasensory perception, in particular — the ability to "see" what she called a field man, his aura. The test does not "see" the human aura, and when his head was wearing a conducting ring, and vice versa — if the ring is covered heads of both subjects, the perception of the aura grew brighter than without the ring.

These facts point to the similarities ESP test substance in a magnetic field, and the "field" of man, and in both cases, the ESP accompanied by an electrodynamic process initiated by the test itself. In both cases, the evidence suggests that, in a closed conducting ring placed in a constant magnetic field, the subjects in the process of ESP excited electric current, the registration of which would allow to perform physical measurements in the study of ESP.

Wave processes accompanying extrasensory perception.
In [12-15] discussed the holographic model of ESA, under which the subjects by ESA generates "reference radiation", organized as a wave process, and accepts (at field level) the spatial distribution of the intensity due to the interference of the reference and the scattered radiation of objects bearing the " print "optical picture of the latter. In this case, the ESA is considered as active (on the part of the test), a process in which the interpretation of ESA carried out the same functions of consciousness, which are responsible for the interpretation of normal visual perception and create a perceptual image of the object, organizing their "vision."

In a series of experiments with a diffraction grating made of heavy paper, was discovered: the organization of the wave radiation and measured wavelength (reference) wave process, which, depending on the physical condition of the test ranged from 4 to 35 mm. Experiment you a grating made magnets of different strength, the wavelength detected, and with increasing force magnet wavelength increased. Recent also increased each time the experiments were performed anything that prevents interaction with the magnet test — all the things that partially blocked the perception, for example, over tight clothing. Wavelength was also on the state test — it turned out the shorter, the better the test subject "saw" magnet. The wavelength was fairly accurate indicator of the test, its "form." As for the dependence of the wavelength increases by increasing the strength of the magnet, it seems that this is due to automatic weakening of the interaction, as a result of which the subjects generated more long-wave radiation.

To test this hypothesis, the following experiment was performed. The two magnets are significantly different strengths placed at such distances from the test in which she perceived them with the same brightness. The stronger the magnet turns out to be more distant. Then, using the grating was measured wavelength corresponding to the ESA of each magnet. In all experiments, the wavelengths were almost identical, while for the same magnets, placed at equal distances from the test, significantly different wavelengths.

The wave radiation pattern is confirmed in experiments using a Fresnel zone plate, which acts as a converging lens [12, 13].

Since the interpretation of the ESA under test is given in terms of its visual system, it has to transform the consciousness of ESP in the perceptual image of the object, as "visible eyes." These "eyes" are really discovered, they are located outside the head at about the top of their stereo base is 2.5-3 times greater than the distance between the (normal) eyes [12]. This explains the fact that the test for ESP "is seen" horizontally distorted picture, "compressed" by 2.5-3 times (compared with the usual visual).

The observed wave process itself has not electromagnetic in nature, since the electromagnetic waves 4 … 35 mm transparent paper, while for the study of wave process paper was opaque. However, since this process was associated with electromagnetic processes, in particular, the current in the ring, attempts were made to detect electromagnetic radiation, concomitant ESP.

In a series of experiments to demonstrate the electromagnetic microwave radiation from the area around the magnet luminous set with the active support of Professor Yu.A.Pirogova in his lab, a negative result for the 5 … 15mm. In these experiments it was assumed that the frequency generated by the test electromagnetic radiation and the concomitant process generated by the interaction of radiation with the reference substance in a magnetic field, are equal. Reference wavelength radiation controlled by the grating, but to determine whether it is necessary to know the speed of the frequency distribution. Since the measurement is very sensitive apparatus is used, probably, this result indicates that the velocity of "emission test" is different from the speed of light.

The phenomenon of "seeing" with your eyes closed without a magnetic field.
Extrasensory perception of another subject, prepared by VM Bronnikov and his visual interpretation of substantially different from ESA and interpretation described above. First of all, this time for the ESA under test does not require a specially designed magnetic field [17]. He perceives the world with his eyes closed and interprets the ESA in terms of the visual system is almost adequate visual. The illuminated with white light from the objects it perceives a resolution sufficient to read a normal book printed text, objects are perceived correctly colored, ie as well as during normal visual perception. Their orientation, size is not distorted, as well as the distance therebetween.

In conclusion, we note that in the present case failed to establish whether the process ESP active, as in the case considered earlier. In particular, it has not been possible to determine not only the nature of the wave process, concomitant ESA, but its origins. Characteristically, during the two subjects who possess ESP technique, it was found that each of them in a state of ESP and watching the other, can not say whether the other in a state of ESP or not. This fact supports the passive ESA.

The author is grateful to A. and O. Pyt'ev Zhuchko for fruitful discussions and help in preparing this article.


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(From an article by Albert Valentine's "The Sixth Sense — blind (for sight eyes are optional)")

After attending non-traditional learning, some children develop their capabilities so that they are able to see the work of individual organs in human patients literally to the cellular level. Working with physicians. A study by Yuri Pyt'ev on this end. The results of the experiment with the phenomenon of "seeing" with your eyes closed published in the Proceedings of the Moscow State University. Unravel the mechanism of the phenomenon has not been possible. May, at the now we have the traditional reason — lack of funds?
— In this case it is not important — waved Yuri Petrovich. — The reason is more serious: the lack of understanding. We came to a completely new phenomena of nature, discovered new wave processes. Well, in the case of Nadia somehow "work" electromagnetic waves. Something familiar. And in the case of the other guys? This is not the electromagnetic waves, but that the other is something we do not know. Speakers do not count. So here we have two completely different processes that end in approximately the same result. And the nature of these processes should be studied with the help of a powerful arsenal of modern science. We had a basic preparatory work is now very modest capabilities of our faculty have been exhausted. Necessary to unite the large research teams, armed with modern technology. And then I came upon a trivial misunderstanding of the importance of this work. Everywhere you turned, everywhere a polite refusal. The impression is that people are confused by the unusual nature of these phenomena, which are really hard to squeeze into the usual, materialistic frame. But the time would have to understand that most science is almost took up the transcript of puzzles, which at first difficult to find a place in the familiar picture of the world to us.
It has long been known: the main stopper in science is not lack of funds, and the inertia of thinking. So in this case. Opening the electromagnetic waves, having mastered their gear in their man-made activities, we tend to think that other media do not exist in the universe. Even with extraterrestrial civilizations try to contact by radio telescopes in the wake of interstellar hydrogen. But it turns out, other than electromagnetic there are other, unknown field with unknown yet available. And we need to take them for granted. Seek and explore. And prepare yourself for the fact that society can change beyond recognition, if such people from the "eye" that can not hide no secrets, there will be more and more.

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