The phenomenon Medveditskaia Ridge

"UFO", St. Petersburg, n14 (332), 29.03.2004

Alexander Volodya

In 1975, the brothers of Svir, and Alex Gregory, bought a camera gun — a sort of bulky structure, consisting of a camera, "Zenith", a telephoto lens and a massive butt. Relatives and friends could not grasp why these inveterate homebody, owning a fairly expensive toy, suddenly turned into a complete fidgets. Every free day disappear, and came back and discussing something animatedly, leaning over a homemade, broken into squares of colored card. No way — looking for treasure!
And they were looking for, hoping to catch if you do not, then at least to photograph a mysterious black dog, which, according to rumors from time immemorial lived in the wilderness Medveditskaia ridge, the one in the Volgograd region and consists of a chain of ancient hills, being a typical geoactive area.
One afternoon, forced his way through the thick undergrowth, which seemed to be no end, the brothers met a stocky, middle-aged man.
— Vasilchikov — he introduced himself. — What?
Dissemble did not, all laid out as a spirit, waiting for the guard of nature will lift them to laugh. Vasilchikov same without being disturbed, didactically uttered:
— Give up this venture, guys. Down and Out is better not to wake …
— So, the black dog is not fiction? — Gregory asked.
— Do not fudge. My dog had devoured the thing. Dog dog is not eating, it is clear. And this is not even the bones left. Therefore, it is not a dog, but something else entirely, — concluded the huntsman.
He looked at the camera gun on puny Gregory.
— Can it indeed not afraid?
This time, said Alex.
— Life only makes sense when you're not afraid of anything …
Huntsman said:
— That may be so, but the one I'll go here, guys, do not let them. Better you will be. I have now and the gun does not photograph, and shoots. Maybe you are lucky … Frankly, I am lost in guesses himself: what is this damn thing is this?
Here and there was a reliable ally of the brothers — a connoisseur of these places, to the same superior authority. And his house, standing at the source of the stream, was hospitable.
Summer hunting dog did not get anywhere. In autumn, when charged the cold rains, a ranger suggested:
— Take a vacation. Best season for the appearance of this creature.
— Why? — Inquired the brothers.
— She, to see, to be brought up exactly to pervosnezhyu — said Vasilchikov — and always at the graves.
— What graves?
— In the caves of the dissenters still the king lived. As one of them dies, so in the caves and bury it. And those caves collapsed long ago. I know this place. There's a dog three times seen. Shot three times. Patches were flying. She appealed to the fog, then ran up to me unharmed again. Believe me, the fear had suffered. I would like it declared war on …
— War of losing the one who starts — said Gregory.
— Well, all of a sudden encounter, suddenly it'll end — was inspired huntsman.
The next day, when the rain turned to snow and all around white. Vasilchikov and the brothers were in place.
— Here, here and there, these graves — said the huntsman, nodding in the direction of stunted birch, and stopped short, noticing any nearby person.

Another minute and a man approached closely. He was dressed in an old black coat cut on his head bristled ridiculous straw hat. In one hand — open, dropped to the ground a great big umbrella, the other by the collar, he was holding a black dog of incredible dimensions, with enormous eyes, impulsively changes from red to green.
Gregory froze, unable to move silax. Alexei screamed:
— This person is not a person, not at all!
Gregory awoke as if from a dream, like a sight, and distinctly saw another absurdity — purple oval, which draws on the spot if a person spilled over into what seemed like clothes, hands, feet.
— It's not a man, it's a doll — his voice Vasilchikov — and it is stuck to the dog!
The fact that Huntsman has called a puppet jerked several times the passes from side to side and leaving a zigzag trail in the snow, picking up speed, drawn not know by whom, rushed to the birch stands where and disappeared. The dog, apparently in preparation for an attack, was making a sound like rattling sheet iron. And she jumped on Vasilchikova, who managed to shoot a doublet.
The creature is not addressed in the fog, and collapsed dead, leaning with all its great weight on the fallen rangers. The brothers were rushed to disembarrass it. But Vasilchikov was on his feet, staring at the black carcass stretched out, like a wound to say:
— What is it, what is it?
Gregory, almost leaning over the prostrate dog, immediately stood up.
— The machine is, that's what …
Finally came a three began to study the trophy. What was amazed. Skin dog remotely resembled rubber, glued hard bristles. Under it — frame: whether metal, or ceramic. And the mass of transparent glass-like strands, interlocking to tarry black pyramid …
— It's a man-made, who made it? — Gregory perplexed. At the huntsman had no doubts.
— Thou hast made the one who benefits. Our task — to butcher the carcass and anything clever to convey to people. To understand …
However, this does not always tantamount done. The remains of the dogs began a loud snapping, quickly contact the shlakoobraznuyu mass. A minute or two, and it was over. Huntsman, touching the slag pile toe canora, triumphantly announced:
— Deteriorating — does not mean gone — and picked up a completely unharmed tarry black pyramid.
And at night, sitting in the overheated hut, all three made desperate attempts to understand the participants what kind of events they have become.
Vasilchikov said:
— We are not participating. We are the victims, as all those who fell in the same bindings in these places. A crappy place here. Not life, in a word …
Black Pyramid was transferred to the competent authorities. Brothers and erep about what became of her, no longer heard. Camera gun is not handy — shock prevented from happening to make pictures of the remains of the dog.
Today, when they go to work to create a successful artificial intelligence, coupled with the advent of more powerful computers, can be little doubt that many years ago Svirsky and Vasilchikov were holding the processor that controls the behavior of the mysterious dog and no less mysterious accompanying him — the man without a face. And that all of us is the product of an alien civilization, so here is an exotic way to realize and asserts itself most of the people. As for Medveditskaia ridge, then it is — one of the anomalous zones of Russia, officially recognized and studied scientific expeditions since 1982.
Black Dog, UFOs, ghosts, mirage effect, calling themselves aliens who regularly appear here. Hypotheses that claim to explain these mysterious enchanting demonstrations, not to consider.
We present one. Black dogs and their accompanying ominous phenomena, according to the researchers unknown Jonet and Colin Bird, is not a consequence of disordered mental illness imagination, but the reality is distorted by forces operating in the depths of anomalous landscapes of the existence of which, unlike our ancestors, we firmly forgotten although co-exist with them in the world since the advent of mankind.

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