The plant in the Sverdlovsk region explosion


13.02.11.Vzryv occurred paronitovye shop "Urals ATI" Asbestos in the Sverdlovsk region on Sunday morning injured two workers.

As reported by the press service of the head of police department of the Sverdlovsk region Valery burned, the incident occurred when other workers outside the shop welded metal patch on the tube, in which a leak. "In the pipe are a pair of gasoline intended for technical purposes. Not dry the pipe before welding. And when a spark from welding detonated — the blast went through the pipe, reached paronitovye shop, and at the junction of two pipes exploded "- explained burned.

The explosion of one victim taken to the "first" with a contusion to the hospital, his partner got easier concussion and refused gospitalizatsii.Vzryvnoy wave smashed the shop windows with frames and tore the pipe itself, it blew from the base on which it was installed and thrown to the ground. The work shop is stopped.

In place of running investigative team led by chief Alexander Mazaev Asbestovsky ATC representatives MOE, the FSB and the city administration. "There also came five Devoured calculations — although fire after the explosion was not going to throw fire epicenter of the explosion, which spread to a pair of gasoline" — said representatives of the police department. "Interfax"


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