The road of dark matter passes through the Earth




Astrophysicist Heidi Newberg of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his colleagues suggest that the Earth befalls a large flow of dark matter from another galaxy. Scientists have long believed that about 90% of the mass of the universe is composed of particles called dark matter. This conclusion is based on observations of gravitational influence on the stars, but observations that directly detect the presence of dark matter, almost none. One Italian study group, DAMA, has already made statements about the discovery of particles of dark matter, but so far the results have not been confirmed.

However, the destruction of a tiny galaxy Sagittarius and its absorption in our galaxy could be the key to the study of this phenomenon. The insides of galaxies, stars and dust, like a long ribbon, twine around our galaxy and penetrate her. The so-called "tidal tail" extends from the center of the Sagittarius galaxy to the plane of our Galaxy. The leading part of the tail extends to the north over the galaxy, and then turns as if from the soul directs the galactic debris directly at the solar system.

"At a time when our galaxy absorbs the Sagittarius galaxy, it not only takes away the last star, but also takes away a part of the dark matter. Maybe we can directly observe this in the form of a stream of dark matter flowing in one direction through the Earth" — Newberg said.

WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) — the most likely form of dark matter. Astrophysicists measure the probability of detection, based on calculations that the particles originate from the galactic halo of the galaxy. As the Earth rotates around the galactic center, the planet passes through a cloud of dark matter. When this happens, billions of these weakly interacting particles can pass through our bodies every second. Scientists will change their calculations to take into account the potential additional source of dark matter.

Battery News, 29-03-2004 18:15

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