The same error

The same error

Quarter of a century back, Gorbachev issued a decree on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Afghanistan, now this method are Americans — straight match with our days are astounding.

Past president of the Russian Union Mikhail Gorbachev, in addition to everything else, is that of a man whom Hans Magnus Enzensberger (writer) referred to a "hero retreat": it is similar to Shakespeare's characters, it is that of a man who knows when to back off from power or completely away from it. Specifically, it recommends that today's so big world politics. For example, Barack Obama. He supported Obama's intention to withdraw from the South American army in Afghanistan. In the war in the Hindu Kush "can not be won." Misha Gorbachev became clear about the consequences and obstacles of this kind of retreat — this Thursday will be 25 years from the days when the last president in his speech in Vladivostok, devoted to issues of internal and external policies, partially ordered display Russian troops from Afghanistan, in 1989 troops were absolutely taken out of the country.

NATO, ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops until 2014, repeats the mistakes committed by the Russian army. In reality, an unlimited number of similarities, says Conrad Schetter of the Bonn Centre for the study of problems of development, it is in plain sight. The most conspicuous: both the invasion started the idea of the ability of the cultural, economic and political modernization of Afghanistan, both times it ended in failure. "The belief that people can change, sitting at a desk and drawing board, was misleading," — says Schetter. Our homeland, in his view, was able to understand it much faster. But neither then nor at the moment is not recognized that, although well-armed and experienced virtually no army can successfully resist the underground and guerrilla strategy Talibantsami. And the management of the USSR in the 80 years and the international forces in today's age have difficulty with the withdrawal of the troops: "First, the long-term is referred to as the date, and then suddenly cut one job in all mechanisms, and create memories that you need as soon as possible to bring faster troops"- Said the expert of Bonn Afghanistan. Prerequisites are seen immediately. Society of the coalition members are not yet ready for the fact that she would have to carry it a long heavy burden. Because of his own losses, due to the many civilians killed, resulting in their same forces appear to be occupiers. Just so, the war in Afghanistan, only the United States spends more than 20 billion U.S. dollars per month. "The financial costs are very bolshennymi, and it played no role in the extreme collapse of the USSR" — said Schetter. — Curious look where this situation will lead the Americans. "

It is also the country in the Hindu Kush, Schetter not imply any optimistic future date. The Soviets, the international forces more use in the war with the enemies they cooked the local police. The effect in all cases, according to Schetter, will be similar in all — a militarized society in Afghanistan, whose members not counting the war did not quite understand that. "There is a tremendous danger lurks — one hundred percent of the armed Afghanistan can again plunge in civilian war."

Because of this, the central issue on hunches Schetter, is how well will the international role after army withdraws from Afghanistan. "Will it assist as Karzai or his successor that will stability and create something like the country — or the country will burn from the inside when the funds will end come?". Without a creative role, first of all Pakistan, and Iran as well, every effort spent on the creation of a lasting peace, will spend in vain.

Their dreams expert Schetter tied only with opportunities for training of the Afghan people, but also to create in the near future, in the initial stage, the civilian society. Its representatives, says Schetter likely "to realize that no improvement to be expected from the outside: they now realized, must realize that the best configuration to begin only when people themselves will take the situation under his control."

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