The storm in the south of Alushta. Video. Photo


Uploaded partinetadmin, date: 08.02.2012 storm raged along the southern coast of the Crimea on January 26-27, in the Big Alushta left a lot of destruction. Sea waves reached 4 meters from the beaches washed tons of rubble, broken stairs, railings and asphalt on the quays.

Thus, in paragraph Utes in elite slipways damaged more than 170 meters of fencing, 600 sq.m. tiles, 14 broken shutters, smashed eight stained glass, as "Your newspaper," said the chief Vladimir Gorotdel gostehnogenbezopasnosti Guzhov.

Small 190-meter quay in the village Poselkovaya Partenit, according to preliminary estimates, suffered damage amounting to about 300 000 USD, as we told the deputy mayor of Alushta on the business side Sergei Karpunkin. Partenit sanatorium 'Crimea' also counts the significant losses caused by the element of the waterfront resorts.

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Photo from: Your Newspaper

Source: Your Newspaper

Poselkovaya Partenit embankment in the village after a storm

Quay tours to Crimea, village Partenit, after the storm

Alushta embankment covered with rubble after the storm

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