The terrible secrets of the sea serpent

Norwegian scientists from the museum are in the city of Oslo was published, which surprised everyone. It turned out that in the area of Svalbard. It is in this place was discovered a huge skeleton of a giant sea beast.

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FMD was called a monster, he's one of the forty animal remains, which were found on the archipelago. Were found distinctly preserved remains of the skull, spine, remains of teeth and fins. Scientists believe that these animals are not likely to survive to the present day. Although for a long time kept the legend of the giant mosquitoes, and considered them just a myth, while Japanese researchers have not got a picture of the monster floating at a depth of more than 1 kilometer far from the Bonin Islands.

Spitsbergen island strewn with the remains of the ancient reptiles lived in the Jurassic period. It is also not excluded that the sailors, who were here in the Middle Ages, as well explored these lands, and probably thought that they face a huge dragon bones that were slain known heroes. It is from here and written legends of dragons. Already more about the monsters that live on the island of Spitsbergen walked from one mouth to the other, every year they became brighter and more interesting.

However, the sailors repeatedly confronted with a sea serpent, as can be seen from the records in the board book. Sailors wrote that the monster has a flattened head, fairly long neck, huge teeth. According to the descriptions of eyewitnesses, these animals do not like each other, so there is a possibility that they are different species.

According to some reports, that the deep sea is hiding more than 20 species of creatures unknown to science, which have sufficiently solid size, only minus is that there is no scientific evidence of this, only the testimony of eyewitnesses.

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