The total price of the Russian-Indian fighter FGFA development is $ 12 billion

The total cost of development of Russian-Indian fighter FGFA is $ 12 billion

The total price of the joint Russian-Indian fighter design fifth generation FGFA is 12 billion dollars, said Tuesday RIA Announcements official dealer of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO).

Earlier, the Indian agency IANS said that India allocates six billion dollars on the joint development of a Russian military aircraft fifth generation FGFA. The project foresees the creation of 144 multi-role fighter aircraft Perspective Multi-role Fighter (PMF), development which is conducted with Russia and India. The aircraft will be assembled in India, said the Indian Air Force Commander Air Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne.

"The total cost of the project is 12 billion dollars, will be funded on an equal basis. Draft anticipates funding for the detailed design, conduct full range of testing and prototyping," — said the official. According to him, at this moment, is schematic design, these works will izderzhat 295 million dollars. "After seven or eight years, in other words, by 2020, the parties want to run the project in the series," — said the representative of TSAMTO. He also said that the fraction of Russian equipment in the final product, in other words in a commercial plane, should be 60%, India 40%, respectively.

According to IANS, which refers to Brown's question about the production of single aircraft to be equipped virtually the same components as that of the Russian counterparts. Some equipment, for example, the system-board computers, as is the case for India with upgraded Su-30MKI fighters will have a difference.

According to the agency, Russian United Aircraft Company (UAC) will supply for the Indian aircraft engines and provide stealth technology. Aircraft will collect Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The project is implemented with the support of State attached to the Ministry of Defence of India's defense research and development, responsible for the development of military technology. Earlier, Indian media reported that the Indian Air Force planned to buy 214 aircraft in the future fifth-generation (166 single rooms and 48 two-place) development which is conducted with Russia and India. But at the moment the number dropped to 144.

At present, India is upgrading its own air force. Fighter base of the country is about 130 multi-role Su-30MKI fighters, which number in the future will be increased to 270, and 70 MiG-29.

In addition, the Indian air force has 51 French Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft and about 200 MiG-21, almost half of which are to be written off over the next 2-3 years, while others will be upgraded. Not so long ago, India held a competition for the supply of the very few public Air Force 126 multi-role fighters worth more than 10 billion dollars. The winner of the tender was the French fighter Dassault Rafale.

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