The U.S. and Japan: the war against China in 2013

The U.S. and Japan: the war against China in 2013 
More and more of the world they say about the war. The War the U.S. and China. War is not the usual — nuclear war. The trigger for the start of a brutal genie Pentagon may serve island conflict between China and Japan. Due to the late Tokyo, Washington ally, wants to increase the presence of the Air Force near the Senkaku Islands.

Columnist Robert Johnson «Business Insider» believes that China and Japan are one step closer to war began. In response to the deployment of the Chinese fighter Japan is considering the possibility of resolving its own pilots F-15 shoot tracer bullets — so makarom warning Chinese pilots. What is this if not a step toward war?

Air base «Shuimen» in Fujian Province, which According to experts, was completed late last year, are combat aircraft J-10, Su-30 and various UAVs, one after arriving at the base.
In addition to aircraft, experts say, and are based on the Russian S-300 complexes with an almost best protection against missiles worldwide. S-300 are comparable, writes created with SAM «Patriot» South American production, those that were not so long ago sent to Turkey to the «first line of defense of the Syrian.»

AFB «Shuimen» support China Eastern Fleet, equipped with 35 ships in the region, including the new 054 family submarines, also eight additional landing ships. Midst submarines — four diesel-electric submarine boat class «Kilo» Russian production, capable of carrying the most advanced submarine warfare.

And all this is just 236 km from the disputed Senkaku Islands.

Although the United States did not support the official position of the Japanese, who have islands could expect from their military support for the US-Japan security treaty, signed in 1960.

Meanwhile, Johnson said, is not enough who believe that the United States would risk to unleash a full-scale war with China over several uninhabited islands, even regardless of how much there is between these islands of oil and gas. Especially since China has a large force near the region and now looks very well equipped to lead a real fight.

«Reuters» wrote last week that the U.S. and Japan began revision of the guidelines for defense cooperation for the first time in 15 years. The argument for this were the statements by the Prime Minister «hawk» Shinzo Abe on the territorial dispute with China and nuclear-nuclear North Korea.

Officially, the Japanese Ministry of Defense, reporters learned just that Tokyo’s military wants to discuss the role of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and U.S. military forces in the future for the coming 5, 10, 15 years and on regional security in certain periods. No details in the press is not. However, it is clear that the revision of the defensive philosophy and definition of short-, medium-and long-term «prospects,» explains the sharp configuration of the security situation over the past 15 years, including China’s naval expansion and development of missiles by North Korea. This government land of the rising sun do not hide.

Working meeting was held in Tokyo between South American and Japanese bureaucrats. Experts assume that the development of a joint strategy will take a year or more. Ultimately, the defense policy of the country of the rising sun should coincide with the South American diplomatic focus today aimed at Asia.

Currently, Japan is the fact that it is clear how the «right to collective self-defense», in other words the right to protection with the support of allies who can start actions, even when Japan itself is not attacked. Yet the Japanese authorities is usually interpreted as a pacifist constitution bans the actual embodiment of the claimed right, opening the rather weak link in the security and military ties between Tokyo and Washington. Now «hawk» Abe wants to change this interpretation. This policy change will allow the Land of the Rising Sun to produce the claimed right in full force.

But the Ministry of Defence says absolutely nothing about whether he was in Tokyo discussed the question of the right of collective self-defense.

Lots more on the war between the United States, Japan and China went Dr. Australian National Institute Hugh White, known expert on international relations. Adam Westlake («The Japan Daily Press»), referring to «Sydney Morning Herald», told that the Australian doctor foretells the Sino-Japanese War in 2013, and with the participation of the United States.

He believes that the recent air space violation Japanese Chinese aircraft and the electoral victory in the Land of the Rising Sun, Prime Minister nationalist persuasion creates all the prerequisites for the two Asian superpowers arrange the war this year. White argues that the tension between developing countries with 2 now, is one of the criteria that led to war many times in history, even if the conflict was not in the interests of either of the other country.

Without a doubt, continues Dr. United States will be drawn into the conflict on the side of the rising sun. There is no guarantee that a future war would be rather short and easy. Three fronts create the richest country in the world, and two of them have a nuclear weapon.

In addition, the doctor believes that China is trying to challenge the United States, and President Barack Obama «turned to Asia», which in itself represents a strategic response to the growing power of China and its territorial claims in the region. White believes that the dispute over the islands in the East China inevitably lead to the fact that someone starts shooting.

With regard to the article creator, Adam Westlake, he finds a possible economic war. Specifically, such a war is fraught with financial losses and risks for the economy would be more possible ending, the journalist said. We already have examples, writes analyst violent September protests in China. Implementation in China Japanese cars decreased by half. Many Japanese companies and accessories located in China: the embargo can all be destroyed. Overall damage to import and export, if the public discontent with the present and likely more formal prohibitions would be more than enough to destroy the constant trade relations between countries with 2.

Robert Rodvik (Canadian resource recalls that America is at war with China for decades.

After decades of hidden actions aimed at overthrowing the Communist government of China, in 1989, the CIA initiated the first of the so-called own «color» revolutions, proven ideas that Americans later tried to embody in Eastern Europe and Georgia. In 1989, in Beijing accomplished popular protest, prior to which the CIA taught diligently circle ‘students’ thesis democratic overthrow of the communist government.

Actions in Tiananmen Square (with 3-years later) risked impartially illuminate only Canadian newspaper «The Vancouver Sun» Room 17 September 1992. The newspaper referred to the materials «Associated Press». What a shame it did not sound, the publication was placed on the 20th page. The article traces the connection between events in Tiananmen Square in anti-China activities of the CIA. Article was fiddling title, but Robert Rodvik recommends readers to «forget about the title,» since all the names in the press created by someone else, not the creator. And often they do not have enough to do with the content material. As for the text, the story of the «Associated Press» was a real eye-opener. The article began:

«The head of the CIA in China left the country for a day or two before Chinese troops stormed the demonstrators in the capital Beijing in 1989 … Central Intelligence Agency not only been the source of protests, but also collaborated with the secret police of China, with which Washington supports closely with business 1970 … «

Later in the article says:

«A few months before the attack on the demonstrators that occurred on June 3, the CIA helped the students to form anti-government movement activists, providing them with typewriters, fax machines and other equipment to assist them to spread their message … The CIA declined to comment.»

Truth-seekers from the «Vancouver Sun» not braked there. Another article from the May 31, 1999, with reference to «Washington Post», regarding the bombing of the U.S. Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

In fact, the bombing was the «official» response to the Chinese commentary unchanged against U.S. policy. In 1999, China accused the United States of inciting mass protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing shaken 10 years ago, the article says «San». Bloody drama on the square were shown as part of a strategy by the dispensation of political chaos in China.

As for the «Washington Post», this newspaper is indicated as its editors interpret the Chinese statement. Explained to readers that such commentary gives Chinese «controlled by the Parliament.»

Naturally, remarks acidly Rodvik comrade, we accept all that is written in China, as the undisputed absurd, but at the same time nothing is happening in Washington, should not be subject to our doubts.

As was mentioned parliamentarians of China, the United States played an inglorious role in 1989, creating workshops protests elaborated their schemes and providing the resources and products to support those who break the law … Not enough of America at the same time terrifying rumors spread using their media to defraud the international society. In «The Washington Post» writes Rodvik condemned every bit disk imaging coming from China.

For the bombing of the embassy in Belgrade on May 7, the Chinese government has cast the United States criticized the bloodthirsty. Purpose blows uttered in Beijing — China destabilization.

Imagine for yourself, comrade Rodvik writes that the Chinese and earnest protest just as the U.S. embassy was bombed and destroyed several of his employees. Imagine a reverse situation: China bombards U.S. Embassy anywhere in the world. How do you think will happen? .. Will be launched into the sky bombers right up to B2.

Creator strikes cynicism CIA. In July 1989, there were photos documenting the act forcibly taken «peaceful» protest participants: in the pictures we litsezreem tanks, armored personnel carriers and army trucks. «Students» armed with machine guns. Apparently, the analyst, the CIA gave them something more, if fax machines …

Vorachivayas to Yugoslavia in 1999, the creator recalls that on the night of May 7, three NATO missiles hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. This atrocity Americans here explained to the «wrong», the older card on which the embassy was not indicated at the appropriate place. This pathetic explanation not sure any one person’s, and least of all the Chinese, who were furious. 26 wounded and three dead! China accused the U.S. of deliberately attack.

It later emerged that the CIA specifically chose a goal that was purely accidental Tipo target — because of outdated maps. Defense Secretary William Cohen and CIA Director George Tenet issued a joint statement that, on the views of NATO, the building housed the Yugoslav military, and not the Chinese Embassy.

If, but the wrath of the creator writes, «a gang of NATO» and in fact has no «non-target» lists of objects, according to a person thence, why this organization is so bombards not enough hospitals, rest homes, churches, schools and other civilian buildings? On the same day, when it was bombed the Chinese Embassy, ​​NATO bombers struck with cluster bombs in Nis Yugoslav clinics and outdoor market full of civilian persons, killing 15 people and wounding 70.

Chinese Rodvik says, have been humiliated. After all, they were not able to respond to the aggressor. U.S. partners and this seems to be made satrap physical statement about the fact that, say, China — cardboard tiger.

Here, the analyst says, and came a time when the government realized China: time to seriously develop its armed forces, giving the case a large part of the budget. Chinese analysts at the time were that without more effective military doctrine economy and sovereignty of the country may suffer from imperialist attacks, the founders of which can use nuclear weapon.

By Rodvika views, with a strategic «shift» Obama, in other words on the reorientation of the APR, it’s only a matter of time …

With Rodvikom not fully agree independent journalist James Corbett, recently declared of Land of the Rising Sun «RT», the possibility that the U.S. legitimized nuclear attack on China by entering a corresponding position in the National Defence Act, which has already signed Barack Obama. But America is not planning a nuclear attack on China, finds justification own nuclear arsenal, the journalist said. He proposes to examine the problem of «in a broader context.» For decades, the United States try to find an excuse for an existing their tremendous arsenal of nuclear weapons and the reason for the creation of new types of weapons. U.S. military have another goal: «zarubit» START-3 contract. Congress opposes even how cuts proposed by Obama, trying to undo them «before they start.»

Analyst Dmitry Melnikov («Century») writes that the Americans have already formed certain elements «anaconda ring» around China. More robust segments of «rings»: Japan and South Korea. These countries have successfully fit into the system to protect U.S. interests. Stationed on their territories contingents «GI», and these countries are involved in the implementation of China’s unsafe for a missile defense system. Japanese enterprises are performed on missile «Aegis» and SM-3.

Chinese Comrade Hu Yumin («China Daily») recalls that because of the «financial cliff» the U.S. can cut back on defense spending, but mistakenly believe that the reduction weaken the U.S. militarily.

In fact, says creator, Washington has allocated more funds for the development of the «Prompt Global Strike» — a system which allows precise strokes applied to non-nuclear weapon in at least some part of the world within an hour. According to the Defense Ministry estimates that by 2015 the Pentagon typed available from 1500 to 1800 cruise missiles sea or air, created a first strike, and by 2020 this number will increase to 2,500-3,000 units. And the U.S. is trying to combine the BSU of cosmic and anti-missile technology. Goal — building integrated defense system, which is able to make strategic weapons of other states, including nuclear, almost worthless. U.S. is going to hurt the global and regional strategic balance and to minimize the ability of other states to apply strategic counterattacks. In other words, we observe America never parted with the desire to preserve the planet for its «hegemony».

So Makar, continuing to find ways and reasons to build «defense» arsenal, including nuclear weapons, the United States, as well as during the cool war world provoke retaliatory acts. In the criteria when the «hawks» of Congress openly against Obama, the Pentagon fears hunching military budget, and Tokyo to Washington complains pripiraniya Chinese, though what would be possible incident ignited a powder keg match.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

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