The UN and the Al-Qaeda against Bashar al-Assad, or write two, one in the mind

The UN and the "Al-Qaeda" against Bashar al-Assad, or write two, one in the mindPolitical scenarios solutions Syrian issue, and different views in the press already accumulated so much that one might read "thousands of tons of verbal ore" (Mayakovsky).

February 24 to be held in Tunis meeting of the "Friends of Syria" — the European Union and the Arab enemies of the regime, initiated and planned by those who befriends against Assad, starting, of course, with the United States. At the meeting were invited Russia and China — perhaps in order that they may become friends with someone who is friendly against Assad. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.

At this point in the global political circles and in the media disk imaging exaggerated idea of entering the heavily armed peacekeepers in blue berets of the countryside of Syria. The head of our Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on February 13 that the entry of foreign peacekeepers in Syria say at 2-criteria: 1) Damascus should invite them, and 2) should be discontinued violence. Lavrov expressed as accurately as possible: "The peacekeeping mission, or how this goal is called in the language of the UN — a peacekeeping mission — at first must have a world that will be supported."

Need to see that against those who persistently divides Western thought about the vision of the correct, ie, the only probable, the Syrian world in the last days of intensive information war is underway. Inkjet attack methods are used, it is identical to the ways of the American propaganda of the "cold war." Many probably remember the political criticism Kukryniksy placed in a Russian "Crocodile". A painting of South American "free" trumpeters: from a pipe passing through the larynx all dudyaschih, fly spray ink. It was signed: "Dudyat one notorious heresy. But the pipes! The world will not get to it. "

February 15 naizloveschie rumors began circulating on the application against the armed Syrian opposition … Russian gas. This gas, usually, "prohibited", and at worst traits almost reminiscent of the Hollywood trioksin kinoshek about the living dead men walking. This is what passes "," "Information on the use of chemical weapons by Syrian military was posted on February 14 on the website of the Arab TV channel" Al Arabiya ". Defected from the Syrian army military officer Abdul Razek said the military use against the opposition some "forbidden poison gas" nerve … According Razek, this gas is Syria from Russia, while the instructions for its use gives Iran … "(

This propaganda piece, now with the presented savoring their target audience by Western media, and the truth is not quite different from the anti-Soviet writings on the subject.

The UN General Assembly last week adopted a resolution calling on Assad to step down. Clearly, the game is one-sided, and the armed Syrian opposition does not say nothing at all. Assad apparently — bad — they are great. In the voting was 137 states — members of the United Nations. Incidentally, 17 states abstained. And there were voices "against" — the 12 states: Our homeland, Belarus, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Syria.

Has long been clear that Russia's position on the Syrian issue is not going to take into account the West. As well as the official Syrian position. "Kommersant" reported: "Trying to convince the members of the General Assembly Vote against resolution, Syria's permanent representative to the UN, Bashar Jaafari said that its adoption will only heighten the upcoming conflict. Agree with this position and our homeland. In general, as told Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, Moscow tried to make the document more equilibrium, putting forward a number of amendments that included requirements for the Syrian opposition. But all the Russian proposals were rejected, then it was finally decided to vote against »(

Their solidarity with the UN, the U.S. and other renowned peacemakers expressed … "Al-Qaeda". Her favorite Ayman al-Zawahiri, 12th February 2012 addressed to the citizens of Syria and Muslim states with a call to overthrow the current President Assad.

So who is who calls Assad to step down?

Syria is fully at risk of attack NATO — despite veto RF and China. So says Rick Rosoff of the organization «Stop NATO». World view it is necessary to recognize the impartial and reasoned. According to Rosoff, an attack NATO has already happened thirteen years ago back in Serbia, which was attacked by NATO states in the absence of UN Security Council resolution. The same scenario was implemented in Libya. No armed uprising, said Rick Rosoff, similar to what we litsezreem currently in Syria, would not start, the participants did not realize that they are supported by external forces. (Source:

Finally, speaking of "the Syrian issue," it is impossible to pass without going through submission of the ex-director of the State Security Council and former director of the "Mossad", I mean the Israeli intelligence service, Ephraim Halevy, the undisputed expert on the political situation in the world.

Halevy said (see "Izrus"), The United States should take into account Russia's interests in Syria, and our home should be something to consider, and should therefore abandon the preservation of Bashar al-Assad in power. Our homeland and the U.S., according to Halevi, such as will make the exchange: the Americans will take into account the interests and will take into account Russia's interests, and to carry water offended. Halevi further develops the idea of opening a fascinating ability to inflict a "crushing blow to the regime of the ayatollahs in Tehran" (specifically so stated in the article, see the link above). But about a Russian ex-head of more than nothing significant has it apart from the fact that they can not suffer another defeat in the Arab world. Halevy says: "Two of their main customer — Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi — had been overthrown, and the birthplace of our retreat."

— But how so? — You may ask. — Because our home is currently implementing an arms Syria.

Right. And these deliveries scheduled through 2014. And the sum of their considerable — half a billion dollars (that's at least). The scope of the contract of cooperation, particularly increased in the current year, may be in the not to distant future increased. Anyone can compare the: three years (2009-2011) Our homeland has put Syria on arms 0850000000. dollars, and at the moment it is a sum of 1.5 billion dollars. U.S. — also in three years. Russian Federation will deliver on contracts Assad Yak-130UBS and MiG-29M2. In the future, Moscow plans to sell Damascus different types of surface warships, submarines, upgrade the S-125, etc., etc. This "perspective" is estimated TSAMTO back in a couple of billion this Makar, Syria — the largest importer of Russian weapons. Not just big, but specifically naikrupneyshy: for the Iranian market is not "promising" and the Libyan market completely lost.

In addition, at the
present time Syria returns RF debts for military equipment supplied to 2005, and pays the debt for civilian services and products, albeit not to the extent in which it would be necessary. But what if a Syria The change of political control — as is waiting pochetaemy Mr. Halevy? It is very unclear to predict such a suitable political and economic finale for the Russian Federation, to which the new Syrian president, a protege is not the U.S., not the "Al-Qaeda", zealously undertake to pay an old Syrian debt to Russia and make contractual obligations. Maybe Halevy the logic is fine, but I have bad, but then, in that he believed Halevi, I just can not believe it. And yet the total Syrian debt to Russia by mutual offset of 13.4 billion. U.S.

Though Destroy me, slowpoke — but I can not understand how, by agreeing to the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power, our home can keep their "regional interests", which are so cute baked Halevi.

Seems to me, the point of view of a double-pochetaemogo former head looks like a very Orwellian doublethink. For those who have not read the novel "1984", or read, but forgotten, prompt: "Doublethink — the ability to adhere to the 2-conflicting beliefs and believe in both."

In general, there is, of course, is not doublethink. Either it is not one. Speaking of Syria, Israel's former chief thinks about Iran. Two write one in the mind … That's what it says in the article on «Izrus»: «Washington will have to pay the cost of Moscow in the form of preserving orientation at her Damascus in the military sphere. In exchange, she will have to pay the cost of the Yankees as the overthrow Assad. In this case, the Iranian threat is removed … "

In light of recent political events such forecast is not striking. On the days of two Iranian ships entered the Syrian port of Tartus (where, as everyone knows, is available base of the Russian Navy — Russian since the time). Earlier, when the Iranian ships only reached the Mediterranean Sea, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, has said that Tel Aviv will look at the movement of Iranian warships — in order to prevent them from approaching the coast of Israel. Exactly one year ago, Feb. 17, 2011, two Iranian ship just entered the port of Tartus, which has been called the Tel Aviv provocation. Meanwhile, Iran and Syria are tied with the agreement of the naval cooperation.

First, in February 2012 in the Russian media was taken by the statement of Leon Panetta, the head of the Pentagon — on planned Israeli military plans: "Israel will knock on Iran in April, May or June. In other words, even before Iran crossed the "zone of immunity" (as they call it the Israelis) and begin to create an atomic bomb. But we believe that growing international sanctions against Iran would not allow him to cross the terrible hell "(quoted ITAR-TASS).

Because not surprisingly, that in speaking of Syria, Halevi thinks about Iran, and speaking about Iran, think about the Russian Federation, because if it is not on the loaf, then over a map of the world there will arise a terrible specter of the "cold war."

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