The underwater expedition discovered the sea monsters




Scientists from Australia and New Zealand in 2003, spent four weeks in deepwater research vessel Tangaroa in the Tasman sea, catching a total of 500 species of fish and 1,300 species of invertebrates.

About a hundred of them were previously almost unknown to science.

Among the species found in the open literally supernatural instances. In particular, it was found fish with tongues, hidden in his mouth.

Another thing, as it turned out, using its elongated snout as a metal detector, according to electrical impulses find prey in the seabed.

One of the most interesting discoveries was a way of pairing deep-sea fish. For example, in one of the varieties of the male inhabitants of the deep sea during copulation the female bites and drinks her blood, thus obtaining "drink" in exchange for his sperm.

By the way, this is not the first report on the results of the expedition to the Tangaroa. Earlier we talked about the capture of sea spider. And some photos of the creatures can be seen here.


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