The unipolar world on the model of Pax Americana (Rebelion, Spain)

The unipolar world modeled after Pax Americana ("Rebelion", Spain)

In 1991, in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union left the United States the only superpower in the world, that he gave them the opportunity to establish a new world order on the model of the South American Peace (Pax americana).

Bipolar world that existed in the period from 1870 to 1945 and was characterized by the struggle for the redivision of the world between a handful of European and non-European powers, was unreliable and caused two world wars (1914-18 and 1939-45). Was unreliable and bipolar world that existed from 1945 to 1991, when the U.S. and Russian Alliance were in a tense confrontation, almost poured out in a third world war involving nuclear weapons. This historic step is known as a cool title war.

In the end, the existence, since 1991, a single superpower, which did not have a worthy opponent, might lead to the idea that even with all the gravity of the responsibility that imposed on sole superpower status as a center of world power and the unipolar world, free from the struggle for world domination between the powers and superpowers, at least be more reliable.

Did the world a certain period of greater peace and security with the time that he is under the tutelage of the autocratic U.S.? Has the world's real Pax americana, where one could even breathe freely (I'm not talking about, that exult) after all the fears of cool war that threatened to turn into a nuclear apocalypse?

In my view, the answer should be no. The unipolar world on the model of Pax americana, from which, as I understand it, we are moving away evenly-it existed, strictly speaking, from 1991 to 2008, or more measured, no more than harmless, no more peaceful. At the moment, the world is once again becoming multipolar.

In fact, during the period from 1991 to 2008 — a period of the presidency of George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — the U.S., seeking to impose its own economic and political interests, have resorted to a disproportionate and unjustified use of its own military might. As to be expected, Pax americana could not be anything else but a manifestation of triumphant imperialism in the capitalist world. This led to a war izymatelstva and violation of all norms, which was subjected to the world during the period (even more non-long than expected), their undisputed global hegemony of the United States.

Hopelessly wrong those who naively implied that a unipolar world on the model of Pax americana will be more reliable and not dangerous because the U.S. has the opportunity to push the decision problems of old times, do away with this old injustices, such as, for example, the endless Middle East conflict, which is the main victim people of Palestine. Unfortunately, in their own international policy guided by the United States with 2 highly unsafe strategic interests: the establishment of control over oil resources and neutralization of old times, or new competitors such as China and our homeland that can set a dangerous world hegemony, which the U.S. has only just found.

Specifically, it has become a prerequisite (and almost always been the pretext of terrorism) of the first and second Iraq wars, aggression against Yugoslavia and Afghanistan conflicts and frictions, which has been involved in a superpower. In the case of Iran — directly. In the Caucasus — indirectly.

In all other respects, and in terms of the Western allies, first in Europe and the Land of the Rising Sun, the main difference during that period, which lasted for a unipolar world model Pax americana, was that the way they are treated Administration Democrats led by Bill Clinton and Republicans, led by George Bush junior. Clinton has a much greater extent tried to save face in relations with Europe and Japan and more than respectful of the United Nations, a creature of the policy pursued by the Democratic Party in the years of the second world war, as NATO, American creature of the cool period of the war. George W. Bush, and soon even his Vice-President Richard Cheney and the "hawks" of the neo-conservative camp, which by all means, fire and sword sought to realize the project for the new South American Century (PNAC, Proyect for the New American Century ) felt that the South American military might give them the opportunity to act without regard to its own allies, without the consent of the UN and, in the first step, even with NATO. While Clinton and even George HW Bush pursued a policy of multilateral unilateralism, where the U.S. is performed in front of its European allies as primus inter pares (first equal in the middle), then George W. Bush and Cheney cynically flouting all existing rules already defected to the policy lopsided unipolarity, giving clearly realize that the United States became a reality in the world's only superpower and will act only on the basis of self-interest because deem necessary, like it or not someone from their European allies. The most enjoyable example of this is the second war in Iraq.

Now, reality has shown that, apart from everything else, warlike Pax americana made severe mistakes. The political, military and financial summit allowed the U.S. the idea that their country may soon spend two or even three victorious wars — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran (?) — Forgetting that in the land owned by South American military is not so much the undisputed power, as water or air. It's one thing to destroy a country from the air, as was the case in Yugoslavia, Iraq and even in Afghanistan, and even defeat the regular army in the ordinary war (for example, in Iraq), and quite another — constantly occupy the country, where there is an endless guerrilla war. An example of this is the part of Iraq, and especially Afghanistan. The resistance of the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan since the invasion of foreign troops in their area and the response of the population occupied territories clearly identified boundaries of power of the U.S. military machine, and did not cause reshivsheysya so often predicted and it is sensitive to longer declared a strike on Iran.

To everything else, steady economic rise of new animated growing industrial powers such as China, India and Brazil as well as a resurgent Russian Federation, on the one hand, and the outbreak of the 2008 economic crisis, which Only one looks just like the decline in production, while others — like depression, on the other hand, seems to point to the approaching end of the fleeting reference unipolar world and the beginning of the transition to yet another unknown newcomer multipolar world order.

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