The victim sends a message to a pager?




So says the unhappy mother

Alexander Klimenko and his pager, given my mother. Experts can not explain the origin of encrypted messages.
Cadet of the Pacific Naval Institute Klimenko Sasha jumped from the fourth floor. Mom Svetlana Klimenko reported the suicide of two hours. It was during this period of time strange things began to happen. Svetlana pager instead of the usual ringing tone to which it has been programmed, strangers began to publish short signals. A screen will appear: JJJJJJJJ / / /:.

Relentless voice warned …

The mother's heart beat anxiously in anticipation of disaster — the pager continues to squeak by drawing on a screen complete gibberish. And when they finally announced the death of his son, the woman did not even burst into tears. And only doom was like, 'I knew it. " Three days before the tragedy, she heard a voice in a dream, which is repeated several times, "Sasha died."

— I woke up in horror — told the "KP" Svetlana B.. — 20 years ago I first heard this voice three days before the death of my mother. And the day before Sasha's death I heard a dog howling. No one, except me, have not heard it …

Sasha was buried on February 17. And two days later messages indecipherable, began to receive a pager regularly accompanied by the same alarm. However, in the service of Svetlana assured that the specified time, the woman is no information on her phone did not send. And heartbroken mother decided that the way to her attempts to contact Sasha's suffering soul.

— He bought me a pager shortly before his death. And he paid for — for three months in advance, seemed to feel that this would be his only connection to me. He's out there somewhere. Recently, light a candle at the icons and ask: "Alex, are you here?" And the flame wavered …

Boys, Sasha's friends, never did not believe in mysticism — continues Svetlana B.. — And then we went for 9 days together in the cemetery. And right at the grave of his son got black cat. Not a tramp, a beautiful, well-kept, we were all in turn fins, eyes peering. Where did — is unclear. After all, next to the cemetery and the houses are not present, a wasteland.

But when we came to leave, the cat vanished into thin air. The guys then said it yourself — it is no accident there appeared: sign it. As well as letters to the pager.

And Sasha's bride Lera, for no apparent reason fall Sasha photos placed throughout the apartment.
Epistles disappear before the eyes
First messages to a pager was seven — we saw them with my own eyes. A week later, when Sasha's mom came back to our office, there are only two, although Svetlana B. itself is not erased them. Furthermore, when taking photos with the pager in front lost another message. And when we are together with Svetlana Borisovnoj off the pager company, from apparatik disappeared last strange inscription. Relationship ended?

The specialists of "Vessotel" which serves pager Sasha's mother found it difficult to tell the exact cause of the "problem." In fact, strangely enough, they agreed, making sure that, along with Svetlana B. encrypted messages received and quite normal — her husband, another son, his friends. And the ringing tone was normal, she testified. Why is he getting another while taking gibberish? That geeks could not explain: according to them, the signal spontaneously, without adjustment, should not change.

And one of the experts suggested that the strange symbols could be the result of the impact of electromagnetic energy. Ironically, such a hypothesis adds a mystical obsession unhappy mother at least some material basis. After all, according to some scientists, the human soul is a bundle of electromagnetic energy …


Barbara Brylska call from beyond the grave

11 years ago in the life of the famous actress, familiar to us from the comedy "The irony …", there was a tragedy. Killed her beloved daughter Basia. After shooting in the Yugoslav film, she was going to go home to his mother on the train. Even bought a ticket. But a friend persuaded her to go by car. There was a car accident. Basia died almost instantly.

Actress very grieved at the loss. A few months even wrote letters to his daughter. They put an end to a strange phone call. Barbara Brylska distinctly heard a familiar voice in the tube Basi: "How are you?"

Mother screamed something in return, but his daughter is no longer utter a word. Then there was another strange call. And on the wall of the pool, just there, where once a small Basia made palm print, was crack.

We see her soul forever departed to other worlds. And Barbara Brylska stopped writing letters to her daughter.


In our world of strange voices penetrate

Abnormal science is not yet known contacts of the dead and living through a pager. Perhaps the case in Vladivostok will be the first, if the specialists in the end they find it a more reasonable explanation. But "talk" on the phone, through radio or TV is very common. In Russia it is not tested. And abroad are engaged in very active and keep records of contacts. In the card file of one of the enthusiasts — Dr. Dzheniferry Mettinli of Manchester Institute for the Study of the paranormal — they had accumulated more than a thousand. Even developed a special method of recording the "voices from the world" on tape. Unfortunately, how did they all get into our world, why sound confusingly or somehow encrypted, even paranormal science is silent.

Svetlana COUSIN
Elena Astafurova. ("KP" — Vladivostok ").
Eugene Melech.
Photo by Igor Novikov. March 23, 2004

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