The village in the Urals falls to the ground. Video

Karst holes

2.02.12.Zemlya literally out from under four thousand villagers rose Chelyabinsk region. They live on the edge of the coal mine. Today, residents of the village of Rose Chelyabinsk region in the streets peeking out of the windows, and through the cracks in the walls of their homes.
Cracks appeared a few years ago and continues to grow. The houses may fall into the ground at any time. The reason for that is the deepest in Europe Korkinsky coal mine, its depth — 600 meters, and down could be deleted 120-story skyscraper.

But on the edge of town Pritulo modest Rose. At risk — about four thousand people. The earth literally out from under their feet. NTV correspondent Ina Osipova came and assessed the scale of the disaster.

Source: NTV

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