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Karst holes

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21.08.12.V village Belozerye formed karst failure. In the emptiness of the street collapsed, leaving a hole in the middle of the village formed a diameter of about 40 meters and a depth of 30 meters (approximately the height of the nine-storey building). This territory would fit safely around ten private homes.

Photo by M. Demyanko

Belozerye is close to Balahonihi. Local residents are almost gone, but they live here are mostly vacationers. However, almost all of them came from this picturesque village, and one feels that love their small home. Not only at home in the gardens, but also on the street — flowers, flowers, flowers … not a village but a floral paradise.
In the night from 13 to 14 August carotid Belozertsev awakened strange hum, it seems that far away something explodes, and someone felt the tremors as an earthquake. In one of the mistresses of the dog, who was asleep on the bed all the time, somehow crawled under the bed and spent the night there. But then everything was quiet, and the people went to sleep quietly.
Morning, residents of the two houses, standing near the edge of the pit, they saw a frightening scene: a few meters from their homes gaped huge karst failure, and the land around the diameter is slipped down (by the way, ramps up to now). Failure absorbed road that Belozertsev drove in cars and other vehicles. It is good that this place was not inhabited and the other buildings, but otherwise a tragedy could happen.
Old residents of the village remember that eighty years ago, that way it has happened, and almost in the same place: two houses collapsed. And on the other side of the ground went Belozersk entire melnitsa.Yama middle of the village is like a huge funnel from exploding bombs. And residents, recovered from the first fear, joke: it seems that there is an alien ship landed.
Belozerye in its history, perhaps, did not know such an influx of public of specialists of different services area, managers and employees of the district and local authorities. Place the failure, it was decided to fence fence capital. To do this, the village brought building materials, and a team consisting of representatives from the Department of Education and Youth Policy, was engaged in this work.
Today should arrive experts and geologists from the bottom and start examining the area, as nearby homes are still under risk sliding soil. Perhaps their owners have to evacuate. The results of studies we describe later.
What will be on-site failure? Is this huge yamischa and will gape Belozersk middle, separating floral paradise in two parts, one of which can now be reached only on the bypass road (it is cleared of weeds and bushes, leveled)?
Fill a sinkhole is nearly impossible. Nature itself must heal the wounds caused by the earth. Soil will gradually ramp up, fill and lift the bottom of the funnel, which eventually become overgrown with grass, shrubs, and the place of failure formed or round deep ravine, or water-filled lake.
It is still not clear how to change the landscape of the village, only time will tell. One thing is clear: nature abhors a vacuum. In Belozerye presence of underground caverns led to the failure of a huge amount of land and the added hassle for people who have them are enough.

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